The Things I Have Learned And Changed Over the Years

I was on the phone today with one of my friends that I have known for a long time, Mark Anastasi. Mark noticed something when I took him on my Redneck Internet Marketing Retreat.

He said that he had noticed a change in me and it was an interesting point he made.

Mark said he has known me for years, and when he met me, I was very hungry and I came from a focus of being afraid to be poor.

But he said, now I come from a different place of making money.

It is interesting because when I first met him, I was running a company which had 47 employees, high payroll and I always did feel poor.

I had a lot of overhead and everything depended on me. And it just caused me to make money.

And to keep the pressure and my “stress motivation” high, I made sure that my bank accounts were low, so I felt as if that I was poor even though I was making millions, and that was a big driver for me.

It came to a point where I realized that I just needed to focus on the rewards, the things that I want, the places I need to go and to enjoy my land.

My land became a place that I wanted to have where I set different goals and, I created an environment where I transformed that fear of being poor to being a focus of creating a retirement.

I know that this makes sense for anybody but if it is really powerful for me, to say, okay, what I need to do is focus my energy,my mind, my money-making on what can I do to increase my retirement.

My personal goal is to become my own trust fund baby, so I can experience the true life of passive income.

A life where I do not have to bust my butt, I have been here online for 10 years, and for nine of those 10, I came from a place of scarcity, and now am coming from a place of creating an environment and realizing that I want to create an environment of passive income.

I thought that creating continuity was truly passive income.

That is not true. I just died of work after a couple of months and started letting people drop off.

People talk about buying houses and having renters as a form of would be passive income.

That is bull crap.

The renters suck, I have learned through many experiences. It is not true passive income.

True passive income is having money in a secure investment and having that money working for you, where you are just getting checks for doing nothing, playing around, literally sitting on your butt.

I know that I have to use my business, it’s my personal cash cow to create that environment for me.

And that my goal for

investments is security

not growth.

This thinking has led me to be in a different place, a greater place, and greater clarity.

Think about using your business as a way to create that retirement, so that you can truly enjoy your life, you can truly enjoy the things that the internet is going to bring for you, like it has for me.

These are just some things to think about… I hope this helps and inspires you.

If you aren’t ready for this then it may not make sense to you today, but save this because one day, down the road, it will make sense to you.

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