The Question You Need To Be Asking Yourself

The Question You Need To Be Asking Yourself

by Matt Bacak


For all my clients, I host a question and answer webinar every Wednesday. Recently, my clients asked me what offers they should be mailing to their list. The answer is that it varies depending upon what type of list you have. If you have a pure list, you want to send a pure offer. (Remember, a pure offer example would be “Eat right and exercise to lose weight.”) If you have a biz op list, send a biz op offer. (A biz op offer looks like, “Eat this pill and magically shed 100 pounds overnight.”) Most of my clients and many of you probably have either a hybrid or biz op list.

Depending on your list, you use Clicksure, ClickBank or WarriorPlus. I’m going to focus on the first two in this article. A client mentioned that his list is responding only to Clicksure offers but not ClickBank offers. This goes back to what type of offer each one of these sites promotes. Clicksure is guaranteed to be a biz op offer, while ClickBank are generally more hybrid offers. So what type of list does he have? A biz op list but he’s not sending biz op offers. He’s losing money!

Now another site a lot of my clients use is JVZoo to find offers. A great thing about using JVZoo is that you can go to and look at upcoming JV launches. If you’re asking yourself, “Who cares? Why is that important?” Let me tell you why. This list of upcoming JV launches provides you with up to date information that you can use to make a schedule for mailing to your list. What I have my employee, Dave, do is go to and print out the list of upcoming offers. Once he’s done that, he can find offers on the list which will most likely be hot ticket items to our hybrid/biz op list. From there, he can circle those and work them into our mailing schedule. Every once in a while someone will decide not to launch their product but this happens rarely.

Keep in mind that most people who have lists in the internet marketing world (and like 99% of my clients) focus their lists on newbies, which go for the hybrid and biz op offers. If your target audience consists of newbies then the question you need to continually ask yourself is ‘would the average Joe on the side of the street who is interested in making money online be able to do this?’ Obviously, this strategy wouldn’t work for a pure list because pure lists are made up of people who know a little bit or a lot more about internet marketing. But the “average Joe” question is powerful for hybrid/biz op lists. It’s a simple yes or no question that you should be able to answer automatically and easily which will be the deciding factor of whether or not to mail this or that product.

Just remember, no matter what site you’re using to find offers to mail, if you have a hybrid list or a biz op list, like my clients and I do, ask yourself the simple question- would Joe on the side of the street who is new and wants to make money online, could he easily do that with the offer you’re promoting? When you have an answer to that question, you’ll know exactly what to mail.

P.S. If you have a pure list, the question you should ask yourself is this- Would I buy this product?

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