The Key to Making
 A Lot of Money Online

There are a couple of ways you can build your business and if you think about it, the most successful models out there can pretty much can be narrowed down to two types… 

1.) Have a big ticket item.

Selling big ticket items is probably one of the biggest and easiest ways to make a lot money, and we are not just talking about a hundred thousand dollars, we are talking about making a million dollars this way. That is the first model.

2.) Have continuity streams.

Another model is selling low ticket items and having continuity, or continuity streams.

Now, the people that are making the
most money are combining both of
them together, so think about that.

What can you sell for a high
ticket or what can you have as a continuity or membership program?

With continuity or memberships, you are getting money coming in every single month, but from big ticket items, you are getting the big pots of money all at once.

One of the benefits of the membership or continuity programs is that you could be receiving cash flow all month long.

When I create residual income streams or monthly income streams that I continuously receive, then I start looking at my bills.

Now, I look at my bills a little bit different than most people.
Most people include their mortgage and other monthly bills, but I already have all of that stuff covered, so that does not mean much to me.

But when I look at it as my business expenses, what it takes to run the business every single month, month after month after month, and what can I do to cover that net?

I will have to get my personal net covered, and then I have to think about what I need to do to cover the business net.

And that is the way you should look at things for yourself. So it depends on how much cash you will need for a long year in business.

Now, if you are just starting out, well then your goal is to cover your personal expenses and stuff like that.

And then the next thing after you get there is covering your business expenses, so that is the markers for me.

Once you get started off that way and make it happen, you just have to start off selling the big ticket items,

But I would really tell you: focus on one, get one system going, after you get that first system going, then move over to the other one.

So let us say, you decide you want to start the continuity or residual income first , just focus on that income source.

And that is all you focus on. Next after you have that mastered, then you move add the other income source.

That way you’ve got your expense covered instead of letting your current business decline while starting up a new venture of selling high ticket items

I think out of all the models I have ever seen, when someone really singly focuses on one income source, then moves into the other source, successfully having both was the key to making a lot of money online.

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