The Best Sales Letter Structure

The Best Sales Letter Structure

The Best Sales Letter Structure
By Matt Bacak

The proper sales letter structure can make or break your campaign. However, many people have no clue how to write or structure their sales letters. So, in this article I am going to give an example of how I structure my sales letters to help those who may be having some difficulty.

The flow typically, that I use on all my sales letters starts off with a headline, sub-headline, salutation, and an opening paragraph. A lot of times my opening paragraph’s really short. If this is the case, I then throw in some credibility, that is, what gives me the right to tell my prospect about the product or service that I’m offering them. I back this up with facts.

Next, I toss in some testimonials, followed by bullets. A lot of times you’ll see check marks with a short benefit-driven sentence. Usually I do five to seven bullets. These amounts of bullets have been proven to improve response rates.

After all of that, I might have some more testimonials, offer some free bonuses, have a money back guarantee, list the price and finally, presenting the payment information. Sometimes I have a warning, and then a close. Basically the close will tell them exactly what I want them to do at the very moment they read my letter. That’s my call-to-action. I direct them with clear instructions so that there is no room for them to not take out their wallets. I don’t really beat around the bush. I say, “Here’s what you need to do.” And sometimes I’ve been even bold enough to say, “Folks, here’s what I want you to do right now. I want you to put your hand on your wallet or grab your purse and pull out your credit card. Then, see that link below? I want you to click on it and then fill in your information and put it right here.” Then I have the postscript. So that’s the way that I lay out my sales letters. It’s worked very well for me over the years and can for you too if you structure your letter the same way.

One thing I’d like to emphasize is that I usually start off my sales letters with a really short sentence because I don’t want to scare people away. I don’t mention the price until further down in the sales letter because I want to give the readers as much information as possible so that they can make an educated decision. You don’t want to rush them to judgement too soon. Firmly give them all the benefits they will receive by owning your product and show them that there is absolutely no risk because of the money-back guarantee. Then list the price.

If you offer any bonuses you will want to make sure that it is absolutely clear what those bonuses are. You might want to also emphasize them by putting a check or a check box next to each bonus offer and by all means list the total value of those bonuses. The value listings will actually place more value on your offer. Don’t forget to also place your free bonuses before your money back guarantee and the price. This structure has been proven to work not only for myself but may other online businesses selling online. Follow this and you too could see great results!

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