The Best JV Strategy

The Best JV Strategy

The Best JV Strategy
By Matt Bacak

One of the best strategies to use for joint venturing your product is to offer as much commission as possible to your partners. Remember, most people are greedy so the more money you can give them, the more enticing it will be for them. The more money they make from you, the more they’re going to mail for you later on, so it is definitely something you want to seriously consider.

Another good idea is to extend the life of the cookie. For those that don’t know, a cookie is built into the link your partners give to their customers that identifies them as the referrer. Extending the life of this cookie gives your partners a chance to earn a commission from a customer either now or a year from now depending on the cookies shelf life.

A third reason someone might decide to mail is because they want to be part of the crowd. So if you find a big name to mail for you, more people are likely to join because of that. All of a sudden you have obtained additional credibility.

A fourth reason people will mail for you is out of sympathy. You really don’t want to have people mail for you from a sympathy perspective, but if they mail from a sympathy perspective and then actually make some money, they’ll be more likely to mail again.

Now, how do you get joint venture partners? Well, there are a couple of things you could do. First of all, you could go to either JVNotifyPro or ProductLaunch and subscribe to their list of all the major launches, analyze the data that they send you, find out which launches were successful and then you find the top five or ten JV partners. Then contact them through their contact forms or support tickets and start building a relationship with them..

The next thing that I would suggest is going on Google and searching for popular keyword phrases in your niche. This will help you find other people inside your niche that may be interested in becoming a partner. For example, you might be in the “money attraction niche” and would therefore want to search for “money attraction tips”, “money attraction ezines”, “money attraction e-course”, etc. What you’re doing is looking for people that have a squeeze page.

Once you find people that have a squeeze page then you want to contact those individuals. Sometimes you can go to the bottom of their squeeze page to see their contact details, but if not you can go to a place called Once there, type in their URL and you should be able to find the contact information for the owner of the website. A lot of times you can also get their phone numbers, too.

One other thing we do with our joint venture partners is we get permission from five of them to trade their names and email addresses to other JV partners in the whole spirit of creating new JVs. Then we swap JV contact information for those other JV partners. This is helpful in that it allows us to make deals quickly. What happens are we having this other thing we call Promote and what we do is we turn JV requesters into cash?

So if somebody contacts us about doing a joint venture, we say, “Hey, listen, mail for us and then we’ll see if that works.” And another thing we also do is we just go through the old autoresponder blast and sees who hasn’t mailed for us and we just ask them to mail for us.

Hopefully this information can give you a general idea and help you find more joint ventures. These are the same tactics we use in my office and we’ve never had any problems finding contacts.

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