Teaching Self Employment And Internet Marketing to Kids

Teaching Self Employment And Internet Marketing to Kids

Teaching Self Employment And Internet Marketing to Kids
By Matt Bacak

Today’s kid’s are savvy, tech smart individuals who have grown up knowing about various gadgets and techy devices. They’ve all grown up with a computer in their home and in their schools, so they are no stranger to computers and the internet.

One of my students had a strong passion to teach young people how to use the internet and also discover how to create their own self-employment through affiliate marketing. I think this is a great idea. It’s really important to let kids know about their options. Of course school is extremely important, but so is getting mentors and thinking outside of the box to create your own dream lifestyle. In this case my student wanted internet gurus to assist. It’s a great idea. I would do it once. But I’m not going to do it all the time. However, as I said, I would do it once and I bet you could get other online gurus to do the same.

It’s so important to expose kids to different things. It’s amazing how smart they are and how much they can pick up. I’d have to agree with my student, providing opportunities through education and the teaching of internet marketing and affiliate marketing opens up their reality to a whole new world. Yes, they could work at McDonald’s part-time after school, but they could also do affiliate marketing part-time and make residual income that way as well.

Getting other online gurus to do this is a pretty easy approach because it is “for the children.” Using that alone, will get a lot more people to help out. Affiliate marketing is probably one of the best ways to use to educate kids about money opportunities. It’s not always about the “j-o-b”. They can have a passion for their work too. Affiliate marketing and all of the various niches available, can allow them to stay within their passion by promoting products that interest them.

You’ve got to understand kids today. They have been brought up with social media and I mean, blogging is probably going to be the key to having them really understand affiliate marketing. They “get” blogging, but I think they’re going to understand it a lot better if you add affiliate marketing to the mix. That would be something that kids would gravitate too and enjoy. When you add money to the formula, everything looks great!

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