Search Marketing Local

Search Marketing Local


By: Matt Bacak

There is a common misconception that SEO marketing can only be successfully done on global businesses. This is nothing further from the truth because major search engines have provisions that allow for search marketing local. If you have a business situated in a certain locality, the following is how to do search marketing local on it.

1.     Register local domains


The website you are using to target the locality should have a corresponding local domain or host it on servers situated in that country. For instance go for for Germany, for Kenya etc. You should also create a link building strategy that helps you get links from similar domains. This will go a long way in increasing your local listings in search engine.

2.     Local search advertising


All search engines allow marketers to advertise local businesses with complete ease. The ad platforms have many options that will allow you to target a certain country, state, city etc. Using services like Google Adwords, AdCenter etc. is very easy and will greatly help you in your search marketing local endeavors. Some of the things to consider when advertising for search marketing local listings include:

  • Targeting – You have to make sure the ad creatives service the locality you are targeting. This is done by using the language used in that part of the world, mentioning popular places in that country or city etc.
  • Keywords – You should use long tail keywords that describe the business to specific people. For instance, if you are selling red shoes, use keywords like ‘discounts on red shoes in New York’ This will help you get customers looking for specific items at a lower cost because these types of keywords are cheaper.

3.     Search marketing local directories


There are numerous directories that service certain localities. You should utilize them because end users tend to use them when looking for certain business. Listing your business on these sites can either be free or paid. Whichever the case, the benefits of increased customers will be worth time and money put into adding your business to local directories. Some of the most popular directories you could use for search marketing local include CitySearch, TrueLocal, and Verizon SuperPages etc.

4.     Add your address


You should prominently display the business address in the website and ads when doing search marketing local. This should be accompanied with a strong call to action that convinces people to call for questions, clarifications and purchases etc. Including your address will help in getting more customers because there are location based apps that help increase your rankings on local listings. The end result is an influx of clientele within a relatively short time.


  1. 5.     Specialization


If your business is servicing a large geographical location, you should use the home page to target the areas that have the largest number of potential clients. You should then link to internal pages targeting all the other locations. This will make your search engine marketing local endeavors more relevant to a larger number of people and therefore increase your local rankings.


In a nutshell, search marketing local usually entails a lot of hard work but the benefits of better listings are usually well worth the efforts.

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