Sales Letter Tips for Your Ebook

Sales Letter Tips for Your Ebook
By Matt Bacak

When you’re trying to sell your book, you want to have one outcome and one outcome only on your pages. Your audience needs to focus on one thing and not be distracted. So, whenever you’re creating a site specifically designed to sell something, you don’t want to have places for people to click around and go to other places. Basically, if you want the outcome for people to buy something, you need to focus your sales page on having your visitor perform that function and not any number of things.

Also, if you’re featuring video on your sales page, good for you! Video has become one of the top ways to improve conversions. However, it’s best to host the video yourself on your site. Too often, I see YouTube videos being used on sales pages. This is a big no no. The biggest problem about using YouTube as your video, is your visitor can click and go to the YouTube and totally leave your page. You definitely don’t want this to happen. You want the people to stick. If you want people to read, you want people to stick, you don’t want them clicking around and going to a thousand different places and leaving the page. You want to get them sucked in and reading into what’s going on.

I always typically start off my first line of almost any sales letter as a short – straight to the point letter, to kind of get my reader involved in the copy and get them to start reading. This strategy has worked very well for me over the years.

Another option you could consider is giving your prospect a preview of your book. So, let’s just say that you have two outcomes laid out for your visitor. The one outcome you’re looking for on this page is get them to sign up to get a preview of the book. The second thing you’re looking for them to do is to get them to go buy your book.

What you may want to do is create one page specifically to get them to preview your book. Then after they sign up and preview your book, then have them land on the page where they can go and buy the book. I think that’s going to be the best thing. So, basically, you’ve got an opt-in page and you’ve got a sales letter page. What I would do is I would set up an opt-in page specifically designed to give them the preview of the book, and then have them have the option to preview the book.

Remember, don’t have too many actions for people to take. Like in this case, you had two actions (to buy the book and to preview it). If you can separate those actions, that’s really going to help you out. Don’t have a bunch of links and other options on your website. Focus on one thing. You’ve got to make it one outcome, one outcome only. Don’t let them click around. I think that’s one of the biggest problems people make. If you know how to avoid them, your overall revenues will be much greater!

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