Publishing – Hard-Copy Vs Digital Ebook

Publishing – Hard-Copy Vs Digital Ebook

Publishing – Hard-Copy Vs Digital Ebook
By Matt Bacak

You have done some writing and you had hoped of one day getting your stuff published. However, finding a publisher that wants to publish your writings can be a long and adventurous task. First you have to find a publisher that is even willing to read it and then you are at their mercy while they decide whether or not they think it will sell. The other alternative is to publish the books yourself, but you quickly find out that the costs for doing so are beyond your budget. So, what do you do? Do you try publishing some, with the hopes of selling enough to be able to publish the rest? Or do you simply produce an ebook and sell it via places before you produce a hard-copy version?

I personally think that producing an ebook version and then publishing it afterward, is a great thing to do. It’s best to start out this way so that you don’t invest a ton of money into getting it published. After all, you want to see if it sells first, right! Producing a digital version is the best way to do it simply because it’s inexpensive and can be published with the click of a button.

Of course, the way you market your new brilliant book, will have a huge impact on your earnings, but at least you can see how well it sells or could sell based on your efforts. By publishing your book digitally first, you can learn a lot from the process, while getting it done a lot quicker. You also could potentially make a lot more money than you ever could from the publishing route. You’ll be able to keep all of the profits by selling it on your own. And just think, you could also get others to sell it who have related sites, and you could give them a percentage of the sale! So, you’ll have an entire army working for you and no extra cost to you. If you create a good enough buzz and market it well, you could make a bundle.

However, once you get it going, I would still publish the hard cover as well, for the simple reason that it’s going to open up more avenues and channels of distribution than you could ever get with an ebook. If you open the window of opportunity, you’ll be amazed at what can happen.

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