Need emergency cash ASAP? Do this…

I’ve got a great tip for you that can
put extra bucks in your pocket in just

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. A product/offer.

This can be an ebook, video tutorial,
software, templates, a service, etc
(anything that’s in demand).

*It can’t be a resell right product
that you purchased rights to. It has
to be original (or modified enough
that you’ve made it your own).

2. Way to take orders and deliver
the product.

Think (zero cost) or
use the simple option below for little
out of pocket..

3. You’ll need $40 to advertise your
product or service.

4. Go to and buy a
WSO (warrior special offer) with your
forty bucks.

Note: if you’re not a member of the
forum, you’ll need to have a minimum
number of “posts” before you can
advertise in a WSO. Just read the

But don’t worry, you can do this in
few hours if you have time.

5. Look over other WSO’s to get a feel
for their subject lines and ad copy.
Model after some of the most successful
(identified by the greatest number of

6. Create a new WSO post and enter
your sales copy (aka, sales letter)
explaining why it’s the greatest
think since sliced bread and how your
product or service will make life
better for members or help them achieve
their goals faster and easier, etc

Just make sure that the “Warriors” get
a price less than the general public.
That’s why it’s called a “Warrior Special
Offer” ;-)

*FYI: The forum is targeted to Internet
Marketers so anything related to this
niche is perfect.

About that option for taking orders
and delivering the product…

The Warrior Forum has a super easy
solution called WSO Plus that basically
makes the process a drop in the bucket
and automated.

It cost $20 at the time I write this,
but it removes the “techy” obstacle
for people who might otherwise be left
out in the cold because they don’t
have the skills to do this on their

7. Submit payment via PayPal

8. Sit back and wait for payments to
arrive in your PayPal account.

This can literally happen in minutes
after submitting your WSO, and if the
offer hits a nerve with members, you
will see sales for days.

There are people making a full time
living doing this. It’s crazy the
kind of moolah being generated with

But it’s all about taking massive action
if you want massive results.

I’ll be back in touch soon
with more tips.

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