Is it Possible to Make Cash Without a List?

Is it Possible to Make Cash Without a List?

Is it Possible to Make Cash Without a List?
By Matt Bacak

Building a list is the best way to make money online because it not only gives you the ability to build trust and relationships, but it also gives you the ability to sell various products to those same people. The more people get to know you, the more they are able to trust you. So, having a list is huge.

However, let’s say you haven’t built a list. Is it still possible to make money online? Well, it will definitely be more difficult, but it is possible. Here is what you are going to have to do. You have two options.

The first option is you are going to have to build a kick-ass hot-selling product, which also means you’re going to have to create a sales letter that converts well so you can attract joint venture partners to be able to market and sell it for you.

The second option is to copy what my brother does. He doesn’t really have a list. What he does is he finds affiliate programs that he knows convert really well and then he will sign up and promote it through solo advertising. He just sends out the emails that the creator gives him to the solo advertising and he makes money that way. So you don’t even need to have a list. You will be building somebody else’s business but it is a great way for you to make money also. To give you an example, I think my brother spent $2,000 on a mailing. Now, I’m not advising you to do the same, but he did. He ended up making something like $7,000 or $8,000 back, which isn’t too bad. He put the initial charge for the advertising on his credit card and then was able to pay it back by the end of the month. I would say that was a great little deal. You too could do that.

The idea would be to find great converting affiliate programs and then getting the emails that they give you. Next, find targeted or related lists of solo advertising. To do a solo ad, basically you pay a company to mail for you. They have got the list, you’ve got the product. Or you can take the first option and create a kick-ass sales letter, with an awesome product, and then sell it to other people’s lists, or pay a solo advertiser to take care of it for you. These two options are the only way to do it without having a list.

The best suggestion I can give is to build a list so that in the long run you have people who know you who can in turn purchase from you again and again. Strong relationships build strong businesses. That’s the best way to go.

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