Increase Your Conversions with This One Tip

Increase Your Conversions With This One Tip

by Matt Bacak

As internet marketers, the vast array of avenues available to us include email marketing, WSOs, webinars, seminars, JV launches, and product launches on other sites, social media marketing, etc. Whatever avenue we choose, our main goal is essentially the same. To make money. No matter how you choose to sell or what methods you employ, the end result desired is still to make money, as much of it as possible. We do that by having more conversions.

The problem for most people, especially newbies, is that whether you are writing sales copy, creating an email swipe file, doing a webinar or even speaking at a live event, you fail to do one thing that will increase your sales by the boatload. This one thing is often overlooked. So write this down, print it out, and write it on your forehead because this is going to help you make sales.

One essential element missing in many internet marketers’ copy and closes’ are the benefits. A benefit is what the prospective customer will gain from buying your product or signing up for your service. How will their life improve if they purchase from you? If you fail to answer that question for them, they lose interest immediately. Wouldn’t you?

Often we get caught up in what our program or product is, the features of it. Features are completely different than benefits. A feature tells what exactly it is. For instance, if you are selling a car, the features may be leather interiors, 6 CD changer, head rests mounted with DVD players and so on. Everyone wants to know the features but that’s not what sells cars or anything else for that matter. Benefits do.

Why do benefits sell and features don’t?

It’s simple. Features are specific to the product, explaining what it is and how it works. While we as consumers need to know this information, it’s not why we buy something. We buy something for the benefits. The benefits are what elicits an emotional response in us that demands we purchase.

Going back to the car analogy, depending on who I am and why I’m purchasing a car, features are not enough. The benefits take the features of the car and make them personal to me, swaying my opinion in favor of the car. So when the feature is leather seats, I think so what? Then the salesman says, “These leather seats are great for children. If your toddler spills his juice on the seat, you just wipe it right off.” If I’m a parent purchasing a family car, this is important to me. It’s not the leather seats that I care about but what the leather seats can do for me.

Another way to look at it is by asking yourself WSGAT. WSGAT is an acronym I created to remind myself and even my employees in my office to give people the benefits in every situation. WSGAT means “What’s So Great About That?” You need to explain the benefits right away (what’s so great about that) before the prospective client has a chance to ask that for themselves. They may even give up waiting and leave because you didn’t answer that question for them. Granted, not everyone is going to buy. We know that. But your conversions are going to skyrocket when you include what benefits someone will gain from your product.

In the end, people are in it for themselves. They’re not going to spend their money without knowing what they stand to gain.

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