Important Tips on How to Build a List Fast


Important Tips on How to Build a List Fast


By: Matt Bacak

Numerous internet marketers are still trying to learn how to build a list. This is because many users are often very cautious when requested to sign up for a mailing list. At times, we gladly give all the information required to subscribe to a mailing list. Furthermore, we seem to beg for it. Is it a mistake? Is it luck? What do online marketers do wrong?

Learning how to build a list fast is not difficult. However, it is very costly and frustrating if you do not get the basics right. This article comprises of the simplest and winning list building techniques that have left many gazing and smiling at the same time. Here they are:

In starting out how to build a list fast, let’s start with the basics:

  1. Have a well-written capture page. Talk about your offer and solution to prospects.
  2. Have a clear and concise Privacy Policy. Link your lead capture page to it.
  3. Use an auto responder service.
  4. Have your readers’ view in mind. Be in line with their thought. It is easier to convince this way.
  5. Give your readers what they need right away. Do not keep them waiting.
  6. Give away value. It should be information that is not so easy to come by for free.
  7. Give people a chance to opt-out if they need to. It is the first step in winning their trust.

When you have the basics right, the next step in learning how to build a list fast is by gaining your subscribers’ trust.

  1. Do not sell, especially when still trying to people to subscribe to your mailing list.
  2. Present the best of you. Do not forget to be yourself, almost all the time.
  3. Show your list that you care and understand their needs. If you get an email, reply to them.
  4. Be an expert in your niche. Establish credibility and you will build trust.
  5. Be very truthful to your clients. There are possibilities that they will recommend you to others.
  6. Engage your readers in one of the social networking site. Customize them around your niche or topic.

Once you have some established trust, the third step in learning how to build a list fast is by driving traffic to your site.

  1. Go for search engine results pages through SEO.
  2. Make use of video sharing sites to leverage virility.
  3. Respond to all the video comments you receive.
  4. Mention your products and offers in the social networks.
  5. Comment on other people’s blogs.
  6. Participate in forums.

At this point of learning how to build a list fast, you should be having a considerable list which is now growing. The next task comes in maintaining the list.

  1. Watch out unsuccessful sends. Delete or mark them.
  2. Make your promotions interesting and fun.
  3. Find out about the interests of your niche. This will keep you a step ahead.
  4. Send emails on regular intervals to maintain contact with your list.
  5. Measure your subscribers’ satisfaction. Find out what they are saying about your products and act accordingly.
  6. Engage yourself in joint ventures.

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