How to Pick the Right Offers to Mail

How to Pick the Right Offers to Mail

by Matt Bacak


There’s a concept in my office that I created to help my affiliate manager ascertain which offers to mail to my list. I call it “Crossing the Line.” It’s very simple to understand when you look at this way:

Pure Offers
Hybrid Offers
Biz Op Offers

Let’s start with an explanation of the different types of offers. Pure offers are typically offers like WSOs featured on Warrior Forum. To explain further, an example of a pure offer would be “Eat right and exercise to lose weight.” Biz op offers sound like this, “Take this pill and magically shed 100 pounds overnight.” Hybrid offers are a mixture between pure and biz op offers. Most lists are made up of newbies and newbies like the hybrid and biz op offers the best. So if 90% of the market consists of newbies, then the offers you want to send to your list are going to be hybrid and biz op offers.

So how do you differentiate between the three types when selecting the offers you want to mail to your list? Look for key words in the sales letter to help you determine which type of offer it is. If the sales letter has the word “marketers” in it, which type of offer do you think it is? Generally, it’s going to be either a hybrid or a pure offer, depending on other key words in the sales page. The best way to look at it is this- when looking over a product you’re considering mailing, ask yourself if this is something a newbie would buy? Is this something that I would buy? If the answer is yes to the first question, then it’s either a hybrid or biz op offer. If the answer is yes to the second question, it’s a pure offer.

Why is this important? Your list is the deciding factor in which type of offer you choose to mail. If you know your list is made up of newbies, then you should NOT be sending out pure offers. It’s too advanced for them. This is where the term “crossing the line” comes from. In between the three types of offers, with pure on top, hybrid in the middle and biz op on the bottom, there is a line. So in between pure and hybrid there is a line and in between hybrid and biz op, there is a line. You don’t want to cross the line.

If you know the type of people in your list, and you should, then you’ll know which types of offers to mail. However, every internet marketer makes the mistake of crossing the line at some point or another. Crossing the line is when you have a list built for mailing biz op offers but you one day decide to mail out a pure offer to them. Not only is this confusing for your list but you’re losing money! Every time you decide on an offer, you must ask yourself if you’re crossing the line. You should be staying in one category mostly. If you want to try something a little different, try a hybrid offer that leans towards the side of the type of offer you should be mailing.

Remember- don’t cross the line. Your wallet will suffer if you do.

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