How to Pack Your List with BUYERS (step by step)

I’m going to show you how to market yourself and pack your list with eager, qualified buyers, and make more money from your emails almost effortlessly.

Here’s how it works…

If you’re attracting buyers, then they have to “buy” something, right?

———Step 1———

You’re going to create a small report…basically a “mini product” and sell it for a low price to boost sales conversions.

I’m talking about $10 or less.

We’re not talking about a massive course here, so don’t freak out.

You just want to create an entry level product.

Creating your report should only take a few hours.

Just remember, an ebook is basically a collection of articles. So when creating a report, just compile a few articles.

Just make sure that these articles have really good information.

Your options are…

A. Write them yourself

B. Purchased articles with private label rights

C. Pay someone to write them.

With options 2 and 3, you don’t have to be the expert or know anything about the subject. You can take on the role of “reporter” instead.

An additional option for creating content leveraging someone else’s expertise is to interview someone.

You don’t have to actually talk to the expert, just send them a list of questions in an email and they’ll return them with the answers.

However, the “in” thing lately is to actually talk to someone on the phone and turn it into an audio MP3. This has more value than a written document or PDF.

But again, that’s optional.

Ok, so skipping ahead…

You’ve chosen a hot topic to create your short report.

———Step 2———

It’s time to setup a sales page that convinces browsers to become buyers.

So again, you have options…

1. Do it yourself
2. Pay someone else to do it

You can find copywriters who will do a decent job for as low as $200.

*Take a look around the Warrior Forum ( in the “for hire” section, “copywriters” section, or even in the “Warrior Special Offer” section.

———Step 3———

Time to set it up so that you can take orders.

This is super easy.

Just go to

PaySpree makes it dead easy to setup an affiliate program and sell and deliver digital products through PayPal.

You can setup your first product at no cost, plus you can protect your download and easily get your customers onto your email list!

Once you get your product setup, you’ll get an order link and order buttons to place on your sales page (copy n paste easy).

Plus… you get an affiliate page to put your promotional tools on and to send affiliates to, to get their affiliate link.

Side note – you can set commissions up to 100%.

[hint, hint]

You’re going to find affiliates and convince them to send you traffic for instant 100% commissions.

Giving 100% is attractive and many will say “yes” if you’re report is quality.

It’s worth giving away the front end profits because you’re getting “buyers” on your list.

You’ll have multiple chances to make profits from them in the future (as long as they stay on your list).

———Step 4———

This lesson is getting long, so I’ll continue with Step 4 in my next email where I’ll tell you how to find affiliates…

PLUS I’ll give you an extremely HOT TIP for getting buyers on your list without relying on a single affiliate
by putting your report in front of a rabid audience who is addicted to buying these type of products ;-)

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