How to Instantly Decrease Your Refunds

There are a couple of things you could do.

One is increasing  the length of your guarantee.

Many people believe that a shorter guarantee is going to increase their refunds; the opposite is true.

The longer the refund period, the less refunds you are typically going to get.

But there’s another thing, I think it’s the big thing that most of us will forget, and it is trying to increase consumption.

The more you can do things to increase consumption of your products, the less refunds you’re going to have because many people are frozen with fear.

Frozen with fear of actually doing it.

If you can help them increase the consumption of your products and your services, then you’re going to have a decrease in your refund rates.

And there’s many other things you could do to help decrease it, for example, offer better sup-port.
Wow! That’s a great thought there, right?

But having better support means supporting them on whatever they have purchased.

Sometimes, it could be a little thing like getting a link.

Being accessible is huge to decrease your refunds, but I think those three things right there are very important for each and everyone of you guys to think of.

So what can you do to increase the consumption?
What are you willing to do to make the guarantee even better, maybe even longer?

And what are you willing to do, not only to increase the consumption but also to get better support on your products or services.

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