How to Increase Blog Traffic in 2012


How to Increase Blog Traffic in 2012


By: Matt Bacak

Traffic is one of the main determinants of the success of a website meaning that it’s of utmost importance. You should spend most of your time and resources on targeted website traffic, particularly if said website is monetized. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques you could use to achieve this end in a relatively short time. They include:

1.           Paid traffic

This is one of the best ways on how to increase traffic instantaneously. It works best when you are selling a product or service or otherwise looking for website visitors to complete a certain action on your website e.g. answer a survey, submit an email etc. Some of the sites where you can buy your blog traffic include:

  • Search engines – Most reputable search engine allow people to buy traffic on their self serve ad platforms e.g. Google Adwords, AdCenter etc. You’ll be able to buy highly targeted website traffic using predetermined keywords. There are also numerous mobile optimized search engines where you can use for mobile sites.
  • Media buys – A method of how to increase traffic by buying ad space in related websites. In order for this method to be profitable, you must only go for established, high traffic websites.

Other methods include social media marketing, email marketing etc.

2.        SEO

This is one of the most common methods of how to get targeted website traffic on a long term basis. This is where you modify your website so that search engine bots can crawl your site more easily, index more of your content on SERPs and therefore garner you more organic traffic. Most SEO techniques are usually free but require a lot of creativity and determination to pull off successfully. Some of the things you should include in your SEO strategy for increasing your blog traffic include:

  • Sitemaps – These allow bots to find out the linking structure in the site and therefore index more of your content. There are free online sitemap generators you can use for this.
  • High quality content – People and bots will always return to a site with regularly updated and high quality content making this one of the most popular ways of how to increase website traffic. You can either develop content yourself or hire writers, coders, designers etc. for this.
  • HTML tags – These are mainly used to show search engine bots which keywords you are targeted and the description of content in individual webpages. Some of the most important include Meta tags, alt tags, robot tags, title tags etc.

3.         Offline methods

You must also include offline marketing techniques in your quest to get targeted website traffic. This is because there are many people that will get to know of your website when away from the internet. Some of the most effective ways of increasing your blog traffic with this method include:

  • Business cards – You should include a prominent link to your website on your business cards. The increasing popularity of smartphones ensures that your blog traffic will increase within a short time.
  • Sponsoring public events – This is where you fund offline events in exchange for your putting up banners that advertise your business.


There are many other ways you can use to get more targeted website traffic. The most important thing is to add creative twists on each method.




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