How to Improve Your Traffic Numbers

How to Improve Your Traffic Numbers

How to Improve Your Traffic Numbers
By Matt Bacak

Gaining traffic to your website is not rocket science. There are a lot of so-called “experts” out there that have all of these philosophies and tricks to get ranked well in the search engines. I’m not saying all of what they say is baloney; they do have some very valid points. And many of their tactics work. The problem arises when they share these so-called “secrets” that only damage your efforts in the long run. You need to use tactics that work for the long haul and not overnight tactics that can either get you banned or simply tactics that only work for a few weeks, creating fly-by-night visitors and not the loyal ones you’d like that would help grown your busies. So, here are some proven tactics that work year after year. They’re honest tactics that the search engines love!


If you are going to link your site to other sites, you want to make sure you’re linking to relevant sites. Don’t think of ways to try to trick the search engines. I think that’s really stupid. You’re just going to be fighting Google. Google’s philosophy is this; focus on the user and everything else will follow. If you really think about that, if you focus on the user, what’s going to happen is Google’s going to like that. You want to keep Google happy so that’s something you should think about.

Now looking at a couple of things that you want to do to get ranked in the search engines that can help you out big time! So, here’s what you should focus on:

One, write your web pages for your users, not for the search engines. A lot of people try to trick the search engines. Don’t do that. Don’t deceive your users at all. You want to make sure that your pages make sense. Avoid tricks. Just think about this, there are tons of people out there, so you’re bound to get a good chunk of them if you provide good content. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself this question; Does this help my users? And what would I do if the search engines didn’t exist? Think about it from that perspective. If you’re creating content specific for them, that’s good.

Don’t participate in schemes! That’s a big thing a lot of people have made their big mistakes with. Don’t participate in these linking schemes out there that are designed to help increase your ranking and page ranks. Basically, you can get inside what’s called bad neighborhoods. And if you get in a bad neighborhood, then basically it’s going to kill your ranking. So just like there are bad neighborhoods out there in the world, there are also bad neighborhoods on the internet. And if you get caught up in a bad neighborhood, you can use your positioning and your profits!

Also don’t obsessively overuse keywords. That could kill your chances of ranking well. Focus on in demand keywords that your market is looking for. A keyword is usually a short two to four word phrase. And that’s really what keywords are. You want to make sure you focus on what’s relevant. Look at how well it matches the query or whatever people are searching for. But what’s really going to help you out is getting high up in the search engines using linking strategies. Get good links linking back to your site from well-established sites and that could help propel your business to the next level. Focus on the needs of your end user, and everything else will fall into place.

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