How to Get People to Attend Your Seminar

How to Get People to Attend Your Seminar

How to Get People to Attend Your Seminar
By Matt Bacak

Having a seminar at a local venue is an excellent way to gain credibility in your niche. But if you’re not yet a huge recognized expert in your market, but want to hold a seminar at a local hotel or venue, how do you get people to attend your event? Although you’ll have some well known speakers attending you’re still new to the game of seminar management. So, how do you ensure you get enough people to attend?

Well, if you’ve got for example a limited time like let’s say four weeks to put on an event, you’ve got to really hustle and get things moving quickly in terms of your planning. One of the basic things you’ll need to examine is do you already have a list of buyers? If you do, that’s great! You have people that you can communicate with and they’re easily accessible to you. That’s a bonus! If this is the case, the first thing you can do with your existing list is to send them an email right away about your event. After all, you have enough time. Four weeks is plenty because a lot of people do wait until the last minute to buy anyway, especially when it comes to seminars.

So, with this list you immediately need to create a postcard campaign specifically designed to get people to sign up for your seminar. While you’re doing that, what you want to do is basically use multiple mediums and media outlets to get the word out about your event. For example, use a postcard and email campaign promotion. Make sure that you get a calendar to schedule all of your promotions. For example, if you know your postcard’s going to hit on a certain day, maybe you want to wait a day or two later and then email out to get them to sign up. Warm your list up to the event to get some anxiety going. So if you get a postcard out this week, it might hit by the end of the week. That means on Monday you want to make sure you mail them on Tuesday of next week. That means you’re three weeks away from the event, but still have enough time to make things happen from there.

The other thing you could do, if you already have your own list is to send out a voice broadcast of your event.

Now let’s assume that you don’t have a list and are looking for people to attend your event. Here are some things you could do. Although I don’t like this method, it can work quite nicely. If you’ve got speakers that are speaking at your event, you could ask them to tell their list about the event. You could say something like; “Hey, listen, it would be awesome for you to let your list know about this event…” Now, don’t force them to do it, but just casually make the suggestion to them. Personally, I think its ridiculous when people do this but if you’re crunched for time and don’t have a huge following yet, this method can work quite well. Once they do mail out to their list that would help to get attendees to attend since they already have a loyal following.

The bottom line is you’ve got to have a list or you’ve got to have somebody that has a list to be able to mail. So one way or another, you’ve got to get that information out there to let people know about your event.

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