How To Get My Videos Ranked

How To Get My Videos Ranked

By Matt Bacak

Knowing how to get my videos ranked was quite a headache some time back. Video marketing was just taking root and being part of the first people to try to find its value, it took quite some time trying things out.

Finally I learned about video ranking and it was a success getting my first rank. Since then I have learned how to make any video rank on the search engines. I have enjoyed additional traffic and you are lucky to have some of my ever working tips. Here they are:

1. Videos are easily found by search engines if they are on the sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo, host them there.

2. When you upload your material online, make sure that they have title tags and a description of the video.

3. If you host it on your site, make sure that you create a video sitemap.

4. While submitting on a sitemap, define the title, keywords and description associated with it.

5. Use on-page video tweaks to assist in having your videos ranked.

6. Make the titles of your page suite the title of your video. For instance if your title is “How to lose fat”, the page hosting it should have a similar text in its title tag.

7. Go for long tail keywords. This works for txt SEO and the same works for videos as well. This is because long-tailed keywords are more specific.

8. The age of a page does not have much weight when it comes to ranking. Search engines tend to look for new video information to rank.

9. Video marketing does not need any established power to succeed, it is open to anyone to rank.

10. Having your video ranked is all about putting good content that is well optimized to suit your video. This way you will succeed.

11. If you are hosting off your site, place your target keyword phrase in the file name of the video.

12. For videos hosted off site, make sure that the target keyword phrase is in the title of the video, description for your video, list of keywords you submit.

13. Study the top ones in your related videos category. Study the titles and the keywords they use. This will improve the chances of showing up as related videos.

14. Encourage your viewers to comment and air their thoughts about your videos in the comments section.

15. Create videos that can be shared on social media and other sites.

16. Create reply videos to some of the most popular videos in your niche. This will forward some traffic to your video.

17. Hosting these on your site ranks is better because it is free from the competition faced on some sharing sites.

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