Hardcopy Versus Digital E-Books – 17 Reasons

Hardcopy Versus Digital E-Books – 17 Reasons

By Matt Bacak

Books tend to appear in two main forms which include the hard copies and the digital E-Books. However audio books are also available. In the modern world, the use of E-Books has become quite popular as opposed to hard copies. Authors or rather writers chose to market their work digitally instead of publishing hard copies so as to eventually reach the majority of the people who are definitely found in the online world. Following the exposure of most people to the internet, use of digital E-Books is better than use of a hard copy due to a number of merits that come with the Digital E-Books.

1. The main factor contributing the preference of E-Books is their affordability whereby purchasing a book online or subscribing to some of the updates by an author is cheap as one does not incur extra costs that the hard copy comes with.

2. Buying a book from a book center require one to visit the center and shop for the book hence spending money on transport in terms of fuel.

3. Other expenses include the taxing of the book that is carried forward to the readers hence more and more money.

4. In essence, purchasing a hard copy is rather expensive as only a minority of middle class people can afford such costs.

5. Basically hard copies are a form of luxury while E-Books can be easily purchased online as long as there is internet. Less money is spent as well as less time while getting an E-Book.

6. Most people have shifted to E-Books due o their line of work which include spending time online hence giving them an opportunity to browse through books.

7. The existence of Readers and E-Books is generally for the active members of the society hence most writer have settled for E-Books.

8. Authors spend less time and fewer risks when working online as the resources needed for input of their work are significantly few compared to printing out manuscripts.

9. The authors have shifted their attention to E-Books hence more of their quality work is found online though some still publish a number of hard copies.

10. The ease of distribution of E-Books has caused a change in the book industry as online sales are faster and the market is larger than sale of hard copies.

11. For the readers, the E-Books are freely accessible compared to hard copies.

12. In addition, E-Books need less storage space in relation to their nature. The storage is made on application stores found in iPhones, iPads and other android phones with similar applications. The storage space is quite free hence providing ease for carrying while travelling.

13. Using E-Books provides access to other books which provide free overviews before making a purchase or subscription.

14. Reading more certainly provides diverse knowledge of information within a very short period.

15. It is evident that digital E-Books are way better than handwritten manuscripts and prints to both the readers and the authors.

16. The benefits are significant and give the E-Books a better stand in the modern book industry.

17. Nonetheless, it is important to note the aesthetic nature of hard copies that most readers prefer. The small libraries that people keep in their homes bring out an aesthetic nature though they are prone to easy damage.

Therefore, digital E-Books are by far a better option to choose from hard copies.

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