Getting Keywords for Paid Advertising VS Keywords for Article Marketing

Getting Keywords for Paid Advertising VS Keywords for Article Marketing

Getting Keywords for Paid Advertising VS Keywords for Article Marketing
By Matt Bacak

Marketing online takes some getting used to especially if you’re new to online marketing. There are a ton of tools that you’re told you need to get in order to dominate your market. For example, there are a wide selection of keyword tools available on the market, but only a few get recommended again and again. I’m not a huge fan of keyword tools. And anyone who knows me or has been following my teachings for any number of years knows this. I use free keyword tools to help me get more traffic to my websites. But one thing that is important to know is that I use two completely different keyword research strategies for paid advertising, then I do for my article marketing. And although these are two very good free keyword research methods, I feel that it’s important to differentiate the two.

Now, the way that I come up with keywords for my article marketing is through using Google’s Wonder Wheel. I’ve already explained exactly how I use this Google search tool to do this on a number of occasions, so I won’t go into detail here. But if you look at my previous articles written on the topic, you’ll get details on how I use Google’s Wonder Wheel.

Now, how do I come up with keywords outside of that, like if I’m running pay per click campaigns or cost-per-view (CPV) campaigns? Well, for paid advertising, I actually use a little different strategy than using the Wonder Wheel (for article marketing). I do this because in that environment, what I’m looking for is I don’t want to get looky-loos coming to my website. I refer to “looky-loos” as people who only browse around without any intention to make a purchase. I want to have buyers coming to my website, not lookers. And the reason, of course is that because I’m spending money to get somebody to click to go to my web page, I want to make sure that they’re the right person to come to my website. I want a person who is ready and willing to spend money.

For paid advertising I go online and find a good resource. Since I want to find buyers, I want people eager to get my information. And since I’m personally selling information, I want buyers for my products. Now let me explain how I’d use a paid service to gain more traction in my market. So let’s just say my keyword is “personal development.” In the search bar, I’m going to put in “personal development” and type that in. So when I type in the words “personal development,” multiple things are going to occur. One thing that’s going to occur for me is it’s going to give me names of books and it’s going to give me authors’ names. Try using the author’s name as a keyword. Well, the name of the book would be a possible keyword. Another thing that you can do is come up with book titles inside your niche. Use these book titles as possible keywords as well. This technique has worked very well for me.

Now, I’d like to share where to find the best keywords from paid sites, that will give you the best keyword results.

One important thing you need to make sure that you do when using it for your keyword research, is to only use the authors names and book titles that are listed on the first page of the authority site. This is extremely important, because it is ranking them by popularity. And since they’re ranking them, the top ones on the page, are the ones that are getting the most action. More people are searching for them – meaning that more people are buying them. So, now you’ve got a list of the top keywords that people are searching for.

Sometimes when I do a search in Google, for example in an area like “personal development,” what happens is it’ll also give me suggested keywords to do other searches for. So, basically, this will allow you to use those keywords as well. It will say “people that search for this word also search for this other keyword”. The newer search words that they suggest can then be other keywords to use as part of your research. So, that’s a good example of how to do some keyword research and potentially take your research to the next level.

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