Fastest way to sell your ebook? (step by step instructions)

So you have a great ebook filled
with valuable info that your
target audience would LOVE….

…if only they knew about it!

Problem solved.

I’m going to tell you how to get
a massive surge of sales quickly
without spending a single dime in


You’re going to convince your
“competition” to sell it FOR
you for a share of the profits.

It’s called Joint Venture Marketing.

Here’s how it works…

Set up an Affiliate Program for
your ebook that pays others a
commission when they send you a

Don’t worry, this is very simple.

The fastest, easiest way to do this
(for ebooks or any digital product)
is to go to

You can get your 1st product setup
free :-)

Plus, they make it easy to capture
your customer leads and setup a
protected download for your ebook.

Cool, huh?

When that’s done, do the following:

1. Go to Google and type in the
primary keyword or phrase that
your target audience would most
likely use to find your product.

2. Visit the Top 10 to 20 websites
that show up on the first two pages
of results. These are the sites
that are getting the most traffic.

3. Make note of the sites that
are selling a “similar”, but not
“exact” product like yours.

For example, if your ebook is about
exercises that you can do at home
and one of the sites you visit sells
an ebook
on nutrition, they’re a
perfect candidate.

You’re both in the Fitness niche
but not directly competing with
each other.

They get extra points if you see
a newsletter subscription form on
the site.  This means they have
built-in, targeted traffic that
you can leverage!

4. Find their contact information
and send them an email, or postal
letter, introducing yourself and
your product/website, along with
how you found them.

Tell them a little about your
product and how it compliments
theirs and that you would like
to propose a mutually profitable
joint venture.

Then ask them to contact you for
more details.  That’s it.

The “1st contact” is just about
getting them to respond, so make
it short.

When they contact you, explain
your proposal.

Tell them how your ebook will
benefit their customers.  Offer
to send a complimentary review
copy of your ebook to see for

Then, if they’re happy with the
ebook and think it’s a good fit
for their customers/subscribers,
you’ll be happy to share ___% of
the profits for every sale they

*I recommend sharing at least 50%.
After-all, you need them. They
don’t need you.

If they agree, the next step is
to send them the “affiliate page”
address that PaySpree provides to
you that will contain their unique
affiliate link and any promotional

If all goes well, you could have
sales in as little as 24 hours…
depending on how quick your JV
partner promotes your ebook.

Your next step?

Rinse and repeat!

I’ve just given you a complete
business model that has made
others, just like you, extremely

All you have to do is take the
ball and run with it.

If you found this useful, keep an
eye out for my future emails for
more proven strategies and tips
for generating online profits.

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