Fast List Building Strategies


 Fast List Building Strategies


By: Matt Bacak

Various online marketers are not having an easy time with their list building strategies. This seems to frustrate the efforts of their email campaigns. This might be because they would like to enjoy the economies of scale when it comes to email marketing.

It is therefore important to question your list building strategies: Why isn’t the opt in email growing? What are you doing wrong? Can you find a long-term solution?

The answers to the above questions are available below. Take time and you will be happy with the results.

When starting on email list building strategies, one should have the basics right:

  1. The capture page should be well written. Let your prospects know of the offer as well as the solution.
  2. Your privacy policy should be clear and concise. Your lead capture page should have it.
  3. Involve the use of an auto responder service in your email campaigns.
  4. Your readers in the direct mailing list come first. Have an explanation to what they are thinking and convince them.
  5. It is not a good idea to keep your readers waiting. Give them whatever you promise right away.
  6. Feed your opt in email with information they would be willing to buy.
  7. Do not make them feel imprisoned in your list, give them and opt out option, just in case they need to.

Now that you have the basics, the next step in email list building strategies is gaining trust from your subscribers:

  1. Avoid selling as much as possible. Be the caring person who is willing to help the members of your opt in email
  2. Your direct mailing list should see more of yourself at all times. Give them a reason to subconsciously say “You’re the best!!”
  3. Reply to all the emails you get. Do so as soon as you can.
  4. Build your brand within your niche. Be an expert and build your credibility.
  5. Interact with your readers on the social platforms. If it is possible, let your interactions revolve around your niche topics.

The 3rd step in the process of email list building strategies is by focusing on traffic to build your list:

  1. Improve SEO to enjoy free traffic from the search engines.
  2. Use videos in improving your brand visibility.
  3. When your video receive comments, respond to them.
  4. Guest post regularly on various blogs.
  5. Market your offers on the cheap social media platform.
  6. Participate in forums and online focus groups.

When you do all this, your email list building strategies shall be doing quite well.  Your direct mailing list is impressively growing and mainly requires maintenance. Here are some tips:

  1. Watch out for delivery failure notices in your direct mailing list. Delete them or mark them.
  2. Conduct surveys in your email campaigns to know what your members need.
  3. Find out what your subscribers are saying about your products on the social platforms and act accordingly.

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