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How to get your EPC up, your earnings per click higher every single time.

One thing that most people do not realize is recency.

Recency is pretty huge. It is something that I recently defined it and realized exactly what is going on.  

Let me give you a description of what exactly happen.

Many of you guys have probably noticed that I’ve changed over email programs and in that process I learned many things and I am going to share with you and will help you understand what you can do.

I get a lot of leads from a lot of methods.  

Well, somebody was seeding my list with a spam trap. This has caused huge problems and we may have to either ditch my list or figure out a way to get around it.

One thing that I discovered in the process i that spam traps do not open emails, so therefore I decided to pull out all the people that open emails and keep them.  

This was the one most remarkable discoveries that I have found.

Here is why, I have a list over 500,000 people and so I extracted out the openers.
The openers ended up being 97,000 people of the 500,000 which is actually is a bigger chunk than I thought it was going to be.

Now, when I pulled them out and I mailed them in the new mailing system, I got triple the amount of clicks, triple amount of the opens I have typically ever see.

To me it was like “what in the world?  This is amazing!”  

So you think, I have 500,000 people that I used to email all the time and then I pulled out 97,000 and tripled my clicks and tripled my opens, what the heck!

So I went and I mailed the other, the left over 403,000 people. Now here is the most remarkable thing that happened, that only generated 300 clicks.

Many people who are reading right now, are like what?  I know you’re saying, “You know that’s crazy.”  Yeah, I know.  

Here is the biggest lesson I learned is people that are openers are more likely to open, people that are clickers more likely to click and people that buy are more likely to buy.

Now here is the other thing to realize, the more recently they have done it, the more likely they are going to be doing it again in the near future.

And that is definitely something to think about and something to act on.  

Now I have created for myself what I call a wash system and basically what it is, is I have two mailing systems.

One mailing system where the subscribers come in, they will go and will get emails.

As soon as they open an email, they raise their hand and they are taken to another mailing system.

The reason for routine is because it cost me over $30,000 to mail my list.

Today, mailing my list and getting the same amount of clicks, actually more clicks, and paying tons less.

I do not know the exact numbers as I don’t have the latest bills from all my changes.

But I do know that I am saving big because of this new strategy.  

So not only am I increasing my amount of clicks which will increase the amount of money you are making, but I am also decreasing the cost of mailing!

And mailing and getting email to the people that are most likely to buy it.

That is valuable lesson for you guys who pay attention and listen because I will tell you what, it can make you a lot of money.  

So what are you doing to manage your list? And what are you doing to make money with your list?  

What good is a click if you do not get a good offer so that is something else I always talk about.

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