Custom Fan Page Design Tips and Tricks

Custom Fan Page Design Tips and Tricks


By: Matt Bacak

A good custom fan page design is ideal for the attraction of fans to the page. Many choose to build a fan page but the pages struggle with less than ten likes. Even their own friends cannot like the fan pages. If you need to build a successful fan page, this article has been written for you.

Facebook is no longer for only the kids. It is the biggest traffic source in the social network and it is growing. They work best for groups and company pages as well. These techniques have been used by thousands of people and it will also work for you.

  1. When you create the page, go to “edit the page” and enter your website URL, address and operation hours.
  2. If you have a great logo, use it for your profile image. If it’s slightly boring, use an image that represents your company.
  3. Use a photo application like photo-shop to create a welcome screen image for your custom fan page design. It should have a width of 520px.
  4. Below the profile image click “Edit Page” tab. You can create a page for your fans and another for non-fans.
  5. To add a link to your fan page images, add this code: src=>. You can also change the text tittles with the HTML tags. Once done. Click on save and view the changes.
  6. To set your new page as default landing page, on the edit page tab, go to “wall settings” and set your new page as default.
  7.  As you continue to build your custom fan page, visit authority company pages in various niches and see what they are doing with the pages.
  8. In case you have some programing know how, you can create a miniature website in your FBXML box.
  9. For your custom fan page design, the recommended width for the profile picture is 200px. The height can vary.
  10.  Make the profile picture impressive and eye-catching. Keep it professional and in line with your product too.

Once you have your fan page built, you should engage your fans and interact with them.

  1. Start a meaningful discussion on the wall of your built fan page.
  2. I enjoy posting controversial questions on my Facebook fan pages. They attract a lot of replies.
  3. Promote free stuff on your custom fan page design. Your fans will appreciate them and like visiting your page frequently. They might also recommend you to their friends.
  4. Add Facebook widgets to your website or blog. This will help convert your website visitors to fans.
  5. If you have a mailing list, very well for you. Let them know your fan page and what happens on it. They will like it.
  6. Frequently update your custom Facebook fan page design. This will increase your exposure to your fans.
  7. Do not spam. Users easily unlike pages that over promote products and offers in their news feed. Be creative and offer value to your users.


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