CPA Vs. CPL Vs. Rev. Share

CPA Vs. CPL Vs. Rev. Share

by Matt Bacak


Clicksure is a platform for people who want to be an affiliate and sell affiliate products. Basically, they have found a ton of offers from different companies, which you can then handpick and sell to your list. Currently, at the time of writing this article, my office is focusing mainly on offers from Clicksure when mailing. Why is that? The simple answer is because we’re getting paid. Also, the EPCs are generally higher. Lastly, Clicksure have offers that are CPA and CPL, whereas places like ClickBank and JV Zoo are using Rev. Share offers. Many of you may not be familiar with those three words – CPA, CPL and Rev. Share so let me explain.

CPL stands for Cost Per Lead. A Cost Per Lead offer works this way:

  • You drive traffic to an opt-in page.
  • Someone opts-in to that page.
  • You get paid on that LEAD, a flat rate fee of so many dollars.
  • The customer is happy, you’re happy and Clicksure is happy.

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. Cost Per Action works this way:

  • You drive traffic to an opt-in page.
  • Someone opt-in to that page.
  • That person purchases that product.
  • You get paid on that ACTION, a flat rate fee of so many dollars.
  • Everyone’s happy.

Now the great thing about CPL and CPA offers is that when someone opts-in or purchases, depending on the offer, you still get paid. No matter what. This is an important distinction because if someone fills out the form (CPL offer) and unsubscribes, you still get paid. That money you received is not taken back from you. In a CPA offer, if someone refunds, you still get paid. This is a great thing, right? Of course it is! No matter what happens after that person subscribes or purchases, you are guaranteed that money- it cannot be taken away from you.

Rev. Share is my least favorite option and will be yours, too. A Rev. Share basically is the opposite of CPA. When someone buys the product, if they refund their purchase, then the platform you used to affiliate market will take that money out of your account. A lot of platforms are switching over their models of operation to the Rev. Share model. While this isn’t necessarily a great decision from our point of view as internet marketers, it’s a wise decision on their part.

Some of my clients have asked me which type of model I choose to mail to my list because you aren’t going to get paid on both the CPA and CPL- you have to pick one. What my office is doing is choosing the CPL model. If you think about it, this is the easiest way to make money. It’s easier to get opt-ins to a webpage than it is to get sales. So the most guaranteed way to make money is through the opt-ins.

Here’s something I want to make a note about ClickBank and JV Zoo. First, ClickBank has become a pain in the butt. A lot of people are unable to make it through the approval process. Another reason many internet marketers are staying away from ClickBank is because the popularity of it has dramatically decreased over time. In short, nobody is really using it anymore. JV Zoo is a little different. What we’ve found, for our list, is that JV Zoo offers are sort of hit or miss. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Obviously, you have to find out what works best for your list and I can’t tell you that. So pay attention to your numbers and what happens when you mail certain offers from certain sites. You should always use concrete data to make your decisions when it comes to money.

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