Changes in the Market Place

The noise in the market place is probably louder than I have ever seen it.

I am going on my 10th year and when I got in, there was not that much noise.

We really could say, okay we are going to pick the date to do our launch and everybody would kind of move their schedules and nobody would touch that date.

Unfortunately, today, we are at the point where the market has a lot of people in it, there are a lot more launches going on.

It is not that people are not paying attention to everybody else’s launches. It’s just that you cannot, no matter what you try to do to wiggle it around, you are still going to land on the same date as someone else.

There are only a couple of ways around it, and we are going to look at it from two beautiful perspectives.

One, what do you promote?

What thing do you focus on at the time? And I think the only answer to that is focusing on numbers.

You are going to look at different numbers and which one of multiple different offers to commit to of the the offers that are available on the same day.

You cannot send them all, so you have to listen to the numbers, and what I mean by that is discovering what the EPCs are.

The EPCs or Earnings Per Clicks are on the offers.  That will give you a better determination especially if you are going to run a business, the better determination of which one and which offer to mail.

There are circumstances where you will

want to mail outside the guidelines by forgiving and forgetting EPC…

That is when you have got a ‘mailer’, somebody that is promoting or will promote you back, you can forgive EPC.

Or two, it is a good friend you

want to support or it is  somebody

you wanted to get to know better.

Those are cases to forget EPC and mail an offer anyway.

The other side to this is, how do

you choose which day you go?

Well, that is another question and there are a couple of different things you can think of.

One, you can actually sit back and say to yourself, “I am going to just launch on my date,” here is my date and let everybody know your date and you just go and get all the support you can possibly get.

Now, if you take that approach, there will be other launches going on.  You remember one of the biggest and most important things is exactly what I said a little bit earlier.

One of the most important things is focusing on and getting that EPC up as much as you possibly can, because they might mail someone else’s offer.

You are going to probably get and make more money, and they will be willing to mail your offer and another thing is guaranteeing that you are going to make sure that these people are getting paid.  It is very important.

People will look at running a Clickbank offer faster than doing someone else’s offer if they have no relationship with them because they wanted to get paid, and there is a lot of stuff going on right now in the market place where people are getting paid.

That way you can guarantee the commission is another great way to make it happen.

Another thing and ,this is not the best thing that I have been getting really good, that is doing what is called the surprise launch.

I actually have my launch. I normally do something at certain period of time.

I just kind of hit around and ask when people have openings and I look for that opening on when people or there are no commitments going on at a certain period of time.

But I am in a level where I could probably do that better than most people

just because I talk to everybody. I am with everybody, I am on Skype with everybody.

I have got their texts and phone numbers I can call and say hey, I am thinking about going, when is the best time for you and then if I get enough people, then I will say okay I am going to do it then.

I have never seen the market place like this. I have never seen it where I even have to do that and say I am going on this day and paying them.

These are some things to think about so that you can get around it, I think, but the number one most important thing is EPC, whether it is what you are going to promote or what you are doing getting that number up, getting the visitor value up, getting them out, you are going to bring home up and making sure you get paid.

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