Attracting Super Affiliates

Getting people to promote your products can be a hard task if you don’t do it the right way and MOST people are doing it DEAD WRONG in my opinion.

But, you just don’t want to get any old affiliate to promote your stuff you want to get super affiliates because they can bring in the lion share of all your product sales. So…

If you want to attract super affiliates and a lot of joint ventures to your affiliate program, you got to think a little differently… in the sense of, Are you giving to receive?

I think a lot of people are missing out on a clear thing that has been unwritten law for many years, and that is go first.


Are you mailing for the people that you want to get the mail for you?

I think it’s a key factor in getting and attracting super affiliates.

Now, you’re more likely to get super affiliates and JV’s coming to you, but how do we do it without having the ability to be able to mail?

Well, you’ve got to have a good converting offer.

People love to mail offers that are going to convert and make them money, but people also like to follow what every- body else is doing.

So, if “everybody’s mailing that offer”, they’ll be more likely to mail that offer, too.

It’s utilizing the crowd mentality, that kind of keeping up with the Joneses mentality to get people to mail because that’s going to be huge asset to getting people to promote your products and your services.

You’ve got to also think about some- thing else.

If you’ve ever seen network marketing companies, I don’t think there’s that much difference from affiliate marketing and network marketing. Think about it from this perspective; think of affiliate marketing as network marketing except it’s a two-tier structure.

You’re at the top and you’ve got other people promoting.

So if you look at what network marketing organizations are doing to motivate their people, to incentivize their people to market the company.

How can you utilize those tactics and those strategies inside your company?

Another angle that most people don’t even think about but it’s huge is going out and just being with them.

Where are they at?

Where can you find a group, a group of people that you want to mail for you if you can get around them and be with them and get to hang out with them, maybe at the bar or wherever it is.

Hint: Seminars are a great place to find them – that’s for sure.
You will find that alot of times they are hiding out at the bar.

You are going to find the likelihood for them to say yes is going to be higher when you are hanging out with them.

Both now and later on down the road.

So think about what you can do.

I mean, there are many of you who will need to use these strategies to attract to super affiliates, but some times, you’ve got to go first if you want them to come to you.

by: Matt Bacak

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