attn: Mass Money Maker – JV’s and Affiliates.

(Affiliates) The FINAL Top 50

To all our JV’s and Affiliates,

**Link to top 50 at the bottom**

Before we tell you who won what,
and who won what prize…

Before all that, we want to let you
know that this all started kinda
started out with this quote:

“I went looking for something powerful,
and found myself”

And you know, that’s what happened,
we went looking for something powerful
and found ourselves…

But, as this historic launch took place,
records were shattered and a new
standard has been set…

We found out something else too.

We found you, and seeing you guys
battle it out – we can see just how
truly powerful you guys are.

So in a sense, we found you.

And with that…folks…

…we had the most affiliates ever
on ClickBank to ever make a sale on
a launch and you know that just by
looking at our gravity records that
are being set daily.

We had an amazing showing for this
– in which we are forever grateful for.

Without you, these records would
never be broken, without you, we
would have never made this happen….

Each and every one of you that showed
up to play need to put your hands together
and be proud of what you have done.

Together we created history today… and
together we all brought something bigger
to the internet then every seen before we
proved that this internet game is not an
individual sport its a team sport…

And WE are proud you were on our team.

And can remember these moments for the
rest of your online journey – because this
same team will come out to support you
when you need it.

With this in mind, there are NO losers
here, I don’t care what place you came

Doesn’t matter if you’re not even
in the top 50.

Every click counts, and with that
every affiliate counts – even those
that made no sales.

To even compete at this level, says
one thing and one thing only – you’re
among the best in the world.

No, you ARE the best in the world
– and that’s a fact.

To be able to set all time records
speaks volumes.

We have over 1.2 million pages in
Google promoting the launch.

Highest gravity ever recorded in
history of ClickBnk (and it’ll be
even higher tomorrow) – right
now it’s 1759.52.

So, without further ado here we


– Matt Bacak & Alen Sultanic

p.s. Thanks for the greatest birthday gift
of all time guys, you’re the best.

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