A Typical Day In The Life of Matt Bacak

Having an online business can drain a lot of time and energy out of you if you don’t try to normalize your life.

It’s very important to take the time and energy and dedicate it to your business daily.

However, it’s so important to try to have activities outside of work, that help to keep you sane. I use working out as a way to keep me in shape and also allowing me to keep my mind fresh with new ideas.

It allows me to take a step back from the business and helps keep my mind open allowing me to see the big picture. It’s a great way to stay balanced.

So, here is my day.

If I’m not working out, I’ll typically wake up at 10:00 a.m.. If I am working out, my trainer usually wakes me up. I work out four days a week for about an hour a day.

So, on workout days, I usually work out from 9am to 10am or from 9:30am to 10:30am. I typically get ready, prior to working out and go to the office first to see what happened the day before and to see what the day holds ahead. I’ll typically get on the computer and check my emails.

I check to see if there’s anything that needs to be taken care of while I’m working out, so I can hand it off to somebody on my team to handle.

If it’s in my personal email box and if it’s something I think that urgently needs to get done, I’ll be IM’ing (instant messaging) somebody to take a look at it.

For example, today I said, “Hey, look, you might want to check on some of the declines that happened last night. I noticed there was a few in there.

You might want to take care of those.” I’ll also ask to have someone check on how many products we have available, just to ensure our inventory levels are up to date.

Those are the kinds of things I like to take care of in the morning. Anything that’s time-sensitive needs to be dealt with then.

The night before, before I go to bed, I am typically setting up a split test. So, I’m split testing subject lines at night.

What you’ll find it that in the morning, I’m usually logging to my account to find out which email subject line actually pulled the best.

Once I determine the winning subject line, I’ll then use that subject line in the email that I’m going to send out that morning.

I’ll make sure that I send it out before my workout. I do this early so that I can get as many people as possible to open up the email so that I can test those results in the evening. It’s a revolving cycle of testing and tracking.

But it’s crucial to the success of my business.

If you’re not testing and tracking, I highly recommend you do it as you’ll be able to see weak areas in your business and you’ll be able to determine what’s making you money and what’s losing you money, so that in the end you’ll reduce the loses by thousands of dollars.

“Testing and tracking is essential to any type of business success.”

After working out in the mornings and I get back to the office at around 10:30 am, I go over what happened the night before or the day before with my team.

I let them know if I’m testing something, and I let them know this because I might be split testing something and there could be a different offer given to my list.

So, sometimes I’m selling one thing and then I change it that night because I am doing some split testing.

As a result, sometimes what happens is I may start seeing more orders that are coming in.

This would mean I’d have to let my support team know about it as well as my fulfillment team as well. I do this so that that they can keep up to date on exactly what’s going on.

They’ll more readily be able to respond to surprise emails regarding the situation and not be caught off guard. This helps everything flow well and ensures communication is well understood.

After that, I make sure that my team is clear on everything and that if they have any questions, I can answer them.
The good thing about doing this is that it allows my day to be productive. I don’t have to worry about putting out fires.

I ensure that whatever needs to be done gets done – usually without any real surprises.

So, whether it’s customer support asking me questions about how to handle a support question or if they need help with something that they’re not aware of how to answer, I’ll be there for them.

Although it’s not typical, that does sometimes happen. I’m also able to look over pricing and make any changes as I see fit.

I’m often seen analyzing numbers throughout the day. That’s really what I do pretty much during the day.

Although every day is a little bit different, I often dedicate a lot of my time to testing and tracking and analyzing the business and working with my team to keep things moving smoothly.

Where I get most creative is at nights. I will tell you, typically, every night I come home, eat and spend some time with the family.

When the kids go to bed, I’m typically on the computer, either watching a movie, or I’m working on something related to my business.

Often times, I may be working on a new project that I have coming out, whether it be working on a new sales letter, working on split tests or whatever.

I do this so that I can get the results when I wake up and clearly see what’s going on in my business. I’d rather avoid surprises so I like to keep in touch with everything going on.

However, during the day, I’m also dedicating much of my time communicating with joint venture partners, communicating with friends and seeing what’s going on.
I try to see how I can help them so that we can work out a mutually beneficial partnership or tweak what we’re already working on.

I also like to take them time to make sure that they can introduce me to new people so that I can do partnerships with them as well.

So, that’s kind of what my day is like. It’s not like the most extravagant of days, but that’s really what I’m doing.

What I used to focus on was setting up multiple systems or streams to get traffic coming to my site in order to continue to build my list.

So now, since I have all that, I focus more on analyzing numbers, analyzing stats, looking at my pages and looking at what I can to do to modify them. I’m always in the mode of testing new things.

This should also be an area that you’re focusing on as well in your business.

As far as tools go, using the right tools is so important in any online business.

Right now, I’m using different data, like I use Google Optimizer

and Hypertracker for my testing.
Those are excellent tools to help you see what’s going on in your business.

I set up various aspects of my business and test and track various elements so that I can see what the results are. I do this in order to pinpoint where I’m getting my best results.

And that’s kind of what a typical day in the life of Matt Bacak looks like.

And as I mentioned before, during the night, I focus on different things. My typical night is working on just creative things or ideas and stuff like that.

I’m basically working on things that I can hand off to somebody the next day to do for me.

These tasks are not outsourced. We actually have an in-house fulfillment center as well as in-house customer support.
I’m always getting feedback from my support team during the day, finding out what’s going on, finding out what people are saying and finding out those types of things, so I can kind of see how I can fix that or maybe see things that I should avoid doing again.

Overall, it’s so important to look at your business with a fine tooth comb to see aspects that need improving so that you can fix it.

“Testing and tracking as I always
say is one of the key aspects
to any business success.”

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