A Guide to Online Marketing: 5 Reasons to use Ebooks

A Guide to Online Marketing: 5 Reasons to use Ebooks


By: Matt Bacak

Internet marketers know that the money is in the list. Generating a list without offering potential customers something in return is difficult. That’s why a popular form of lead generation is offering an eBook for free in exchange for the visitor’s contact information or email address.  And if you are relatively unknown expert in your niche, eBook marketing is one way to market a book and yourself.

1. Market other products: Structure your e-book in as a way to market other products by adding hyperlinks or ads in the front and back of the eBook. You can also place ads within the eBook at strategic places where an ad would be appropriate. This strategy works well for affiliate links too. Finally, this technique allows you the flexibility to make changes quickly and efficiently.

2. Be unique: If everyone in your niche is offering free ebooks to download, then change your offer. Learn to stand out from everyone else in your niche by offering an audio file or a video version of your book. This can easily be accomplished by using free software such as Audacity and recording your book as an mp3 file. Or if you prefer to send out a physical product, offer to send potential customers a CD for free if they agree to pay for shipping and handling. You can get the CDs produce inexpensively at a company like Kunaki which will handle production and shipping as well.

3. Viewed as an expert: One of the easiest ways to be viewed as an expert is through sharing your perspective by authoring eBooks. There are three ways on is viewed as an expert: 1) be the reporter by studying and interviewing other people and presenting the information; 2) show people how to achieve results by sharing results (and strategies) you have achieved in a specific area and 3) being a role model in your industry.

4. Become a trusted advisor: It’s not easy to earn people’s trust. In fact, marketing experts state it takes at least seven media messages before people will open their wallets to buy your product. Yet these same people will listen to those they can admire, respect and trust. How can you earn their trust? By providing more value than people expect! You can easily provide more value through an eBook by using examples, testimonials, step-by-step instructions and demonstrated results.

5. Shorten the learning curve: People live busy lives and allow themselves to be connected 24/7 through their cell phones, instant messaging and social media. It’s no wonder that when they want (or need) to learn how to get from point A to point B quickly and effortlessly, they turn to experts who can shorten their learning curve.

Ebooks serve a specific purpose of providing useful information to potential customers and generating leads for your business. In order to stand out from the thousands of eBooks that are offered every day, you should consider offering an audio file (mp3) or a physical product like a CD. Be sure to provide value through well-researched content and a fresh perspective!



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