7 Reasons to Attract Affiliates and Make Money

7 Reasons to Attract Affiliates and Make Money

by Matt Bacak


Attracting affiliates is essential to promoting your products and services. For myself and most other product owners, we spend our time and energy focusing on creating a product so that we can then sit back and reap the benefits. Yes, you have to handle the customer support but an inexpensive sales force that is working tirelessly to promote your product handles everything else.

I really want you to get this. There are tens of thousands of affiliates out there right now, building email lists, driving tons of traffic and they are looking for something to promote. You pay these affiliates a commission and you keep the rest. What did you have to do for that money? Create a product and answer a couple of support questions. That’s it.

If that doesn’t compel you into action of creating a product RIGHT NOW, here are seven other reasons why you should attract affiliates.

1. Fast money.

2. Builds a hyper-responsive list.

3. Builds a list of buyers.

4. Gets you established and builds your brand. This is how a lot of very successful internet marketers get their start.

5. Become respected in your niche, whatever that niche is.

6. Builds long-lasting relationships. This is something you must put effort into because it is important to your success. When you develop these relationships with affiliates, they will promote for you continuously.

7. To become a legend or person of influence.

Now I hope that you’re getting excited about creating a product and attracting affiliates. The next step is attracting Super Affiliates. Super Affiliates will accelerate your cash flow. A Super Affiliate is an affiliate that can sell a huge volume of someone else’s product. These are the people you see at the top of the leaderboard on places like Warrior Forum. You MUST attract these people and develop RELATIONSHIPS with them because they are truly invaluable.

You’ve noticed I talk a lot about developing relationship with your affiliates. I want this idea to sink into your head so I’ll keep repeating it. Develop relationships with your affiliates. There are a lot of ways to do this and I’m sure you can think of several of your own without my help but here is just one idea that I think everyone should do.

Say thank you. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and valued. Take the time to acknowledge the people who promoted your product. They spent their time, their energy, and their resources not only to make money for themselves but to also make money for you. I’m sure their number one priority wasn’t making money for you but in the process of promoting, they made you a pretty penny. Didn’t they?

So say thank you. After the dust settles and the launch of your product is completed, maybe a couple of weeks later, sit down and go through your list of affiliates. Go and write a thank you message on their wall or in a private message. Don’t just say “Thanks!” and call it a day. Personalize it. Let them know you mean what you say and that you truly appreciate the hard work they put into it.

Trust me. It’s worth it.

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