5 Awesome Ways to Add Backlinks to Your Website

5 Awesome Ways to Add Backlinks to Your Website


By: Matt Bacak

Getting high quality traffic to your website is key for ranking high in results on most search engines as well as getting new customers to visit your site (and eventually buy your product). In a previous post, we discussed various ways to increase free traffic to your site such as selecting the right keyword(s), producing and posting videos on YouTube and commenting on other blog posts.

Generating backlinks for SEO (search engine optimization) is another important part of the equation for getting high quality traffic to your site. What is an authority site? An authority site is one that has a high page rank (PR) on Google and one that has a lot of backlinks. University websites, government websites and major organizations most likely have a high page rank and ultimately are considered authority sites. PR backlinks are considered the premium backlinks for this reason.

Here are 5 ways to get quality backlinks to your website:

1. Article Marketing Sites – There are several article directory sites that let you post articles on any topic. If done correctly, you should be adding “keyword” anchor text within the article with a hyperlink back to your website. Ideally the link will be listed once or twice in the body of the article, but posting a link in the author’s bio section works just as well.

Articles should be original or they will be rejected. Until you establish yourself as an authority in the topic I would avoid article spinning as well. If you are not creative enough to create content for several articles, then hire someone to do it for you. Check out the following articles directories www.EzineArticles.com, www.GoArticles.com and www.ArticleDashboard.com. A search in Google will produce dozens more to check out.

2. Squidoo Lens – Many inspiring entrepreneurs have discovered Squidoo lens as one place to place backlinks back to your site.  As with any of the other suggestions we offer, make sure your comment is relevant and topic related as spamming is not allowed. Check the website’s Terms of Service for conditions. To find a Squidoo lens that is relevant search using “add+to+this+list”+site:squidoo.com or “add+to+this+list”+ “keyword phrase”+site:squidoo.com for lens that discuss specific keywords.

3. Web 2.0 – Prolific entrepreneurs create a list of web 2.0 websites and create profiles for each website.  Sites such as www.linkedin.com, www.flickr.com and www.zoominfo.com allow you to create profiles, post updates, photos, link to social media and other helpful information to establish a presence. The same goes for video sharing sites as well.

4. Giants of the Internet – Think about ways you can leverage using the giants of the internet to link back to your website. Sites such as iTunes, Amazon and Wikipedia offer opportunities to interact with them. For example, if you are writing books consider offering them for sale on Amazon or publishing hard copies through their publishing site Create Space. Amazon doesn’t restrict what you can offer to just books, they consider white papers and smaller reports as well. ITunes recently entered the online magazine market; if you currently have a newsletter – is there a way you can convert that newsletter into an online magazine to sell on iTunes? And finally, is there an option for you to post an entry under your topic on Wikipedia with a link back to your website?

5. Education and government websites – Both education and government website carry a lot of authority and as such would carry a lot of weight if you were able to backlink from their website back to your website. To search for available educational or government websites try a search in Google using the following phrase: site:.edu inurl:blog “post a comment” -”you must be logged in”

You may have to tweak your search if the results include older posts but all you need is 2 or 3 comments with links back to your website to be successful.

Another opportunity is to find a college student who has web space available on his/her university website (students are often given web space to post biographies or profiles). Ask the student for permission to post your article on his/her website with links back to your website.

With a little time and a lot of determination you can easily build a series of backlinks to increase traffic to your website.



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