23 Things You Need To Know About Backlinks

23 Things You Need To Know About Backlinks

By Matt Bacak

Backlinks are an integral part of SEO campaigns. Once you have done your on page SEO, everything else you do that involves off-page SEO, has something to do with them. This drives a point that you would agree on, that they are very important.

But the ‘illustration’ above does not really clearly point out the importance of backlinks. I will therefore take you through on some of the importance of them.

1. Backlinks greatly improve search engine ranking positions, especially if it is from authority sites.

2. They direct visitors from other sites to your site, thus improve traffic to your site.

3. Backlinks are important in building authority and branding as they are found in areas of building authority such as forums, comments, article directories and other blogs.

4. Their presence in various places improves the visibility of any website.

After knowing the importance, it is important to note that the quality varies. The categorization of backlinks in terms of quality came about with the wake of various Google updates that slapped many websites.

This has therefore made webmasters look out for high quality links which many people misinterpreted. The next part of this article will show you how to get backlinks that will produce results (high quality).

5. Write a post for other blogs as a guest blogger and link the content to your site.

6. When commenting on blogs, comment on dofollow blogs and avoid those with nofollow.

7. Start threads in forums and link them to your blog posts.

8. Link your blog to high quality forums’ forum signatures.

9. Social bookmarking has become a good source for backlinks. The good ones include Google plus, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious and Digg.

10. Do not buy bulk links from sites such as Fiverr

11. Do not get a link from the footer of websites such as WordPress themes or plugins.

12. Do not go for link networks such as Build my rank. Many of them got penalized and slapped by Google updates.

13. Be careful with article directory links, many of them do not work anymore.

14. Submit your blog to niche directories.

15. Submit your website to quality web directories.

16. StumbleUpon has been proven to be working, submit your articles to it.

17. Add your RSS feed to various RSS directories.

18. Look for website review forums and review your website on these.

19. Create a video; upload it to various video sharing sites like YouTube.

20. Write product and service reviews for top companies and upload them to your blog.

21. Interview some of the top bloggers on your nice and as them to help you share it with their readers.

22. Build linkwheels with web 2.0 sites to promote your blog.

23. Write interactive content on controversial issues and you will get links to them.


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