21 Free Methods of Increasing Your Website Traffic


21 Free Methods of Increasing Your Website Traffic


By: Matt Bacak

If you are a website owner or blogger, you would be interested in increasing traffic to your website or blog for free. There are numerous ways that one may use in marketing a website such as: pay per click, article submission, paid bookmarking, etc.

However, most of the best ones are paid for. Does this mean that you need money to increase your website traffic? Not at all, there are free, powerful techniques of increasing traffic to your website or blog. I bet you would be interested. Here are 21 of my favourites:

  1. Have your own domain which you have all the rights to. Your visitors will take you more serious for this.
  2. Have a good website design. Every time I land on a website or blog, I take around 5 seconds checking it out before reading its content. If am not comfortable with the layout, I might never come back.
  3. Optimize your website. Every webmaster considers getting organic traffic from the search engines. It is the most basic way you would use to increase traffic to your website.
  4. Social bookmark each post and page on your website. This helps in marketing a website on the social media.
  5. Offer to write a post on someone else’s blog with a link to your website. This is easy backlink building.
  6. In case your readers comment, do not take long to reply to their comments. Interact with them and build your brand.
  7. Focus only on activities that would help in marketing a website. Do not waste time on other non-value activities. If a method will not increase your website traffic, forget about it.
  8. Make credible comments on other people’s blogs and posts. Your website backlinks will be loved in return.
  9. When building your website’s backlinks, focus on powerful backlinks for your website. Quality beats quantity.
  10. Write list posts on some of the amazing things in your niche e.g. “31 vinegar uses”, etc.
  11. Make lenses on Squidoo. It has great traffic and you can leverage it for marketing a website.
  12. Submit your website or blog to article directories. Use your keywords and it will boost your website traffic.
  13. Exchange your link with other people in your niche. This will tap into target traffic and market your website further.
  14. YouTube is a great avenue. It ranks faster and gets more traffic. This will definitely increase your website traffic.
  15. Use image bookmarks such as pinterest. It is a whole hub of traffic.
  16. Write about major holidays that may roll out. E.g. Easter, Christmas, Labour Day, etc.
  17. Incorporate keyword in your post titles and urls. This improves ranking.
  18. Offer free and quality stuff on your website that your niche requires.
  19. Write entertaining and humorous posts. These are easily shared and effectively increase your website traffic through social media.
  20. Do not start off with ads. You look and sound more serious and devoted without them.
  21. Conduct a contest on your website and give a special prize to the winner. This increases interaction with your visitors.


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