19 Outstanding Free Marketing Strategies


19 Outstanding Free Marketing Strategies


By: Matt Bacak

As the year draws towards the end, business owners think of better ways of improving their businesses. Apart from innovation and product creation, effective marketing strategies come in handy as a way of improving a business.

However, there are those who might have not had a fortunate year.  Most likely, they might have had the right recipe but slightly missed it when it came to marketing. In case you know of such a person, show them love by sharing with them these outstanding free marketing strategies:

  1. In case you offer freebies, it could be a high time to upgrade it. Offer a more valuable freebie and watch your consumers market your business.
  2. Launch a new product or program that your clients really want. This free marketing strategy works most of the time.
  3. One of the effective marketing strategies I have come across is the establishment of new partnerships. Participate in a joint venture program and have a great moment.
  4. Have you ever thought of creating an affiliate program?  Perhaps it’s high time you created one.
  5. If your website/blog looks a bit outdated, you would need to have some graphics improved.
  6. Social media is taking over the interaction platforms on the internet. Some of the outstanding free marketing strategies not to ignore are the use of social media in marketing.
  7. Do you have a mailing list? More than 90% of internet users open their emails each time they use the internet.
  8. One of the most effective ways of building a responsive mailing list is through the use of pay per click.
  9. Video marketing is rapidly taking root in the marketing world. It is one of the free marketing strategies that greatly build brands.
  10. If you want to drive new traffic to your website, increase the frequencies of adding content to your blog.
  11. How often do you engage your email list? Start updating them on the numerous content you are generating.
  12. In case you have been using affiliate marketing, one of the effective marketing strategies would advocate for the use of contests. Reward outstanding affiliate marketers.
  13. Do not let your affiliate marketers work so hard on marketing your products. Boost their campaigns by giving them tips that would improve their campaigns. This will provide motivation and build loyalty
  14. Market the RSS feeds you submit. In case you do not, they might never get the readership you were after.
  15. Survey your visitors. Get to know their demographics and their interests. Improve your readership an integrate it with your business goals.
  16. Engage market research in the creation of new products to enable you know the best ways of ensuring the success of your launch.
  17. One of the free marketing strategies I would recommend you try would be the engagement of online marketers to monitor the performance of your website and products.
  18. Pay attention to the statistics on your previous marketing strategies. Retain the effective marketing strategies.
  19. Re-launch a program or a product that performed well.

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