15 Simple Tips on Writing a Blog From the Pros

15 Simple Tips on Writing a Blog From the Pros


By: Matt Bacak

Writing a blog is one of the simplest ways one can use to build an audience and earn money online. However many people do not understand much about creating blog posts and therefore have blogs which only exist in the dark.

Blog writing is not just about picking a topic of interest and writing about it. The way it is written and the factors around it contribute a lot. Below are simple but very important tips from the pros:

  1. Your blog posts are like products: Blog writing is for consumption purposes. Therefore, the process of writing a blog should engage researching, generation of quality content and marketing.
  2. Creating blog posts should not just stick to the specific topics, go outside the topics and link them to what really matters.
  3. Create your own media content. These include the images and videos used in the blog posts. They have higher chance of being linked to and improve SEO.
  4. Publish the best content you can find. Writing a blog is about giving your readers what they would be grateful to pay for.
  5. When targeting an audience, writing a blog full of sales pitches won’t work. Start by offering them information that would solve immediate problems.
  6. An outstanding blog writing tip that will greatly increase your audience is interviewing great people in the industry who would add value to your consumers.
  7. Do not just create blog posts alone; invite guest bloggers to contribute in adding value to your content. It does not matter if they are in a different industry, as long as they have value that would be appreciated.
  8. Do not just post only on your blog. Guest post as often as you can. This greatly propels your branding and giving you voice in your industry.
  9. Another blog writing tip is the organization of the content on the post. Use visible headers, tags and categories to organize your content.
  10. Writing a blog is about the readers and not the writers. Focus on the people and listen to your audience. They are the reason behind your blogging.
  11. While creating blog posts, focus on publication of content that is useful and interesting to your readers. Avoid promotion of products as much as you can.
  12. As you publish content that are useful to your readers, before you just start selling, it would be wise to find out how much impact your content has on your readers. This will be an indicator to what to expect from your products.
  13. If you learn that your blog writing has less impact on your readers, encourage them to take action. Find out the best ways to do it.
  14. Writing a blog is not about “bragging”. Blog writing should focus more in answering the questions that your readers ask.  Avoid talking about yourself as much as possible when it comes to this.
  15. As the years go by, writing a blog will lay more emphasis on brand journalism. Create content that can be used on various media platforms.

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