15 Affiliate Program Tips

15 Affiliate Program Tips

By Matt Bacak

When I was first introduced to online marketing, affiliate programs was the bait that got me hooked. I was amazed at how people make $90,000 per month with minimal effort. It was the easiest way to make residual income I ever heard of in my life. Like other starters, I looked forward to making hefty income with only a few referrals a month. If you are in such a state, or think of this, you were not told everything.

Learning the hard way, which includes time and money, I came to learn that making casino jackpot income wasn’t as easy as I heard and had to get some things in place first. Here they are:

Choosing an affiliate program

Choosing the right program is the first step to being closer to making it in affiliate marketing. Here are some tips:

1. Get the niche right. Choose a niche that is related to your online activities, your blogs, etc. No one would be interested in a product or service that has no relations to why they are there.

2. Once you get a niche, look for affiliate programs that exist within that niche and list them down.

3. Look at the commissions they pay. This is why you chose to refer others and get paid. You should target programs that pay not less than 20% commission. It can be as high as 100% but not less than 20.

4. The only reason that would make me accept commissions less than 20% would be the price of the product. If it is more than $300.

5. Look for programs that offer a line of products so that you could earn when your referrals came to buy other products.

6. You would also want to consider the number of tiers you would get in earning commissions. I go for programs that have 2-3 tier commission structures.

7. Customer support is something I would not go without. You wouldn’t want to wait for days just to have solutions that are beyond your reach. Customer support should run 24hrs.

8. Do the programs offer any marketing support? Most of them have pre-written letters, banners, marketing courses, etc, to help their marketers. If this is missing, you will need to be a good marketer.

Affiliate marketing tips

Once you carry out these steps, all you need to do now is to find out how you will send referrals to the links and make money. Here are some tips:

9. Link the products you are promoting inside the contents of your website.

10. Make sure all the product images on your site are clickable and has your affiliate link

11. Product reviews are the best. They have most conversion rates. Make sure you have some on your website.

12. Build a mailing list. It will give you most income. “Money is in the list” – so they say.

13. Holidays are best times for promos. Make use of them and boost your sales.

14. Have an array of products on your site. This increases your chances of making multiple sales of income.

15. Go for inexpensive products but target selling a high quantity of them. This will boost your payout.

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