12 Google Keyword Research Tool Tips


12 Google Keyword Research Tool Tips


By: Matt Bacak

Google keyword research tool is the best free keyword tool I have come across. I was introduced to it when I started out internet marketing by my tutor. I actually thought it was the only genuine keyword tool I would appreciate because it was marvelous in getting winning keywords.

Today there are many premium tools which are great, but I still rank Google keyword research tool as the best because almost all of the other keyword tools rely on this tool. They owe some credit to Google, most of it I think.

However, is keyword research with Google keyword tool best for everyone? Is it as powerful to you as it is to most of the great internet marketers? In case you do not consider it a powerful tool, then I bet there is something you r not doing with it. I’m happy to help you make it as powerful as I have, by sharing with you the following outstanding tips.

  1. When starting keyword research with Google keyword tool, make sure you set your keyword match to exact on the left sidebar.
  2. Keep the search simple. That’s how laymen use Google search keywords.
  3. Search for three to five worded phrases when starting your keyword research process.
  4. If you have no idea of a keyword, go to a website in your interested niche and paste its URL in the URL area on Google keyword tool. Hit search and voila!
  5. Always find two to three keywords that are related to use.
  6. Narrow down your searches to various countries and concentrate on the local searches as well. They are much better than global searches at times.
  7. Longer tailed keywords are a good suggestion from Google keyword research tool. They have less competition.
  8. Google keyword research tool is sortable just like a spreadsheet column. Sort them to match your desired matches.
  9. Focus on the most important words in your keywords research. Avoid unnecessary terms and words.
  10. The mobile market has grown, filter your searches and narrow down to other gadgets as well.
  11. Keyword Research hardly gets over as well. Keep carrying out your keyword research with Google keyword tool.
  12. I know we all write for money. If you are like me, do not ignore the cost per click column as you do keyword research with Google keyword tool. You need it if you will register for Google AdSense.

Are you planning to do ppc? This is the main reason why this Google keyword research tool exists. Here are some of the best few AdWord tips:

  1. The competition column is for you to use. I always come across many keywords with many searches but low competition.
  2. DO NOT BID with the value on the average bid column if you want early returns. Start high to start seeing results early and lower the bids as the campaign continues.
  3. Do not spend time on bidding wars; there are many keywords to use. Think of them before you are caught up in Google’s keyword auction.
  4. There are new enhancements that have been made by Google. Check them out next time you are doing keyword research with Google keyword tool. They are very helpful too.
  5. Do you need Meta tags for your post or page? Just paste your URL address in the URL option and Google keyword research tool will give you more than you need.


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