11 Tips To Get Repeat Customers

11 Tips To Get Repeat Customers

By Matt Bacak


Business is all about maximizing your profits and one of the best ways to do this is to sell to people who already like you and are already customers of yours! It is far easier and less expensive to sell to the same customers again and again than it is to make a new customer. Repeat customers are also great for advertising for you. If they are happy with you and your product, they’ll usually tell their friends. So, are you utilizing your client base to its fullest potential or are you getting forgotten and left behind for someone who is willing to keep up with their clients?

Here are 11 tips for getting customers to come back to your website:

1. Provide great content with real value. This should be a no brainer. Why would someone choose to come back to your website if you aren’t providing them with interesting and valuable content? They wouldn’t.

2. Update daily. Your content should be fascinating and fresh. I wouldn’t go back to the same page more than once if I knew they weren’t going to update it frequently. Would you?

3. A simple, appealing website. I know I’ve mentioned this before but it bears repeating. Potential customers and returning customers want an interface that is easy to navigate. Your links should be easy to find and working. Check all your links periodically to make sure they are going where they’re supposed to go! Imagine how frustrated you would be if you went to a website hoping to purchase something only to find out you couldn’t get to the purchase page.

4. Stay in contact with your customers. There are several ways to do this. You could send out a weekly newsletter, have a contest, use a comments or forums section on your site and/or use social media to stay in touch with your customers. You could even have a competition where your customers compete for a prize. Do something that makes sense for your website.

5. Always offer excellent customer service. Handle customer complaints efficiently and courteously.

6. Send an email confirmation after they order. I love getting receipts in my email box because if I have any questions or want to update my checkbook, I can look at the email I received. Within the email, you can recommend other products the customer might also enjoy.

7. Allow customers to review the items they purchased. Everyone wants to feel heard. Most people love giving their opinion and take on things.

8. Put social bookmarking buttons on your site so people can stay in touch with you via social media. You can also include buttons that make it easy for them to share a page on your website easily with friends.

9. Consider using a loyalty program where after a set number of purchases, they get a free product or discounted rate. Everyone loves to feel like they are important.

10. Run specials for a limited time.

11. Know your customers. This is the most important thing you can do for your business in general, not just to get repeat customers. Know what they like, what they don’t like and what they’re looking for. You must know who you customers are and what they want to have a thriving business.

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