The Different Philosophies in Email Marketing

I have identified three different types of email marketers so that you can understand their email philosophies. You are gonna love these. #1:the mailers #2:the protectors #3:the idiots. Let’s look at these three to understand their philosophies. The idiots: Here is what they do. They spend time, energy and money building their list or doing […]

The Typical Life Cycle of an Internet Marketer

The typical life cycle of an internet marketer is the first thing they start looking for are ways to make money. Any opportunity. to make money, they jump on it. Examples: Stock trading, Real Estate… Then they discover Internet Marketing. Once Internet Marketing is established, they buy everything they can get their hands on. This […]

Can I Get Rich?

Someone recently posted a comment on my blog and asked me if I could make them rich. Yeah… I mean…no! I can’t make anybody rich. You have got to make yourself rich. And that’s one of the biggest things that I see out there with people, they are looking for other people to make them […]