Choosing Topics for Internet Niche Marketing

When a marketer wants to start Internet niche marketing, the first hurdle is often what the topic of the site should be. Niche marketing depends on finding a unique product that will attract a lot of traffic and that will entice people to purchase whatever the site owner is selling. To get that traffic and […]

How NOT to Get Twitter Followers

Just about every affiliate marketing “guru” these days is ready to tell you how to get Twitter followers and make money with Twitter in one of a dozen ways.  Most gurus will only tell you half the story, though.  They often don’t tell you the kinds of mistakes you should avoid. Don’t add too many […]

Trick or Treat :-)

How about a little fun, Halloween style? I’ve got a KILLER costume this year, and no I’m not dressing up as Tellman. Leave your guess in the comments, and the first person to guess correctly will win $100, my treat! (I’ll FedEx it to ya!) I’ll even match the $100 and give it to the charity […]

The Importance of Text Links & Inside Links For Site PR

By Matt Bacak When establishing a strong site page rank or PR as it is commonly known as, it is critical to ensure that you have specific keyword text links leading to your site. Remember it doesn’t matter if you have hundreds of links leading into your site, the magic is in the ability of […]

Can you type? $2,357 paycheck this week…

Get paid top dollar (some students are putting $25-$50 per hour) for entering data into online forms. Some put $30-$75 for typing short articles. Receive paychecks in the mail every 2 weeks! Over 54,000 paying companies who need your typing help immediately. If you have basic typing skills, you can start putting top dollar […]

Matt Bacak Teaches How to Make Money With Twitter

It seems like Twitter is all the rage lately, but it still has a lot of people asking, “Can I really make money with Twitter?”  Those of us at Matt Bacak’s Bleeding Edge Team know that the answer is a resounding “Yes!”.  How? Gain Twitter followers by following others. The first and perhaps easiest way […]

The Simplest Way to Start an Affiliate Program

By Matt Bacak One of the quickest and the fastest ways to start an affiliate program is downloading a program called KickStart Cart. This program is used by top online business owners to manage their affiliate programs. Once you start using KickStart Cart also known as 1shoppingcart , you won’t regret your decision. But best […]

… $925 per day? (test it for yourself)

Hi, The highest paying program using nothing but a computer, has just notified us that 257 positions are now available… Check the details: By following simple directions you get to put up to $925 per day typing simple blog posts and short articles from the comfort of home! The last time these were available, […]

The Value of Building a List

The goal of any business is to make the most profit possible from sales. Building a list often figures pretty far down on many business owners’ catalog of things to do to accomplish that goal, but it is far more important than many people realize. To keep a business moving forward and growing, it needs […]