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Online and Offline Promotion

Many of my listeners have noticed the way I promote different products and events and have questioned why I choose more offline promotion for one thing and more online promotion for another. Well, the truth is, I like to incorporate traditional methods such as direct marketing via regular mail as well as the more modern […]

Web-Building for Beginners

Should beginners/newbies start off with a blog, a website, or both or neither? Now this is a great question and my personal thoughts regarding this is that newbies should work on creating a squeeze page. The biggest thing that you want to focus on, if you’re new to marketing online is to focus on building […]

RETIRED it last night…

I am writing this email to let you know that my ‘How to Create Best-Selling Products in 21 Days of Less’ CD is now officially retired. You can check it out for yourself at: In case you were wondering, It was retired at exactly 12:00PM EST last night…(as I mentioned it would) YESTERDAY was […]

An important reminder (pls. act)

A quick-and-IMPORTANT note … Tuesday, I wrote to you about pulling two of my Free CD’s off of the shelf. On Thursday, I told you that I already retired 1 (one) of those 2 products. Today, I’m announcing that ‘How to create products in 21 Days or Less’ is going to be retired in… …”24″ […]

Is PPC Finally Dead?

Funny question huh? Many people think that PPC is dying or near dead and let me tell you that it ABSOLUTELY is NOT. As a matter of fact, I just watched a video that is LIVE proof that it’s not dead, check this video: Watch ->> This affiliate started with just $5 invested in […]

Where do I ship this to?

If you read yesterdays email then you know that I’m retiring 2 of my FREE CD’s this week. The 2 CD’s were: “How to create products in 21 Days or less” by Matt Bacak and Josh Brown and… “Instant Expert System” by Matt Bacak and Mike Stewart FYI: The Instant Expert System has NOW officially […]