The Quickest Way to Sell your Products Online

Now that you have launched your product and made some sales, what is the best and quickest way to get your product in front of as many eyes as possible? Well, Clickbank is always a great way since it is the Internet’s largest digital marketplace. It is also very easy to list with them and […]

Capturing Names for Your JV Deal

If you are partnering with someone and helping promote their products as well as yours, how do you ensure you have access to the customer list? This is a question I received recently. To make this completely clear, here was the question: “How should I set up 1ShoppingCart to accomplish the following? I’m working independently […]

Just about SOLD OUT…

We are really just about SOLD OUT of all the tickets for Marketing Madness Live. As always, I appreciate your support and am dedicated to continuing to bring to you the best MARKETING & MONEY-MAKING advice on the Planet. In fact, I talked to our fulfillment department to see if they had any of my […]

Any last-minute stragglers?…

Marketing Madness is almost sold out… If you can make the event this Friday then I’d recommend getting your ticket right now because there are just 3 seats left for Marketing Madness Live. This event doesn’t have your usual suspects… Go here to check it out: Here are 5 things that make this different […]