Does Your Squeeze Page Make the Grade?

Like most online websites, your site probably has a squeeze-page and offers your readers good information. Your visitors simply opt-in and sign up for whatever it is you are offering them and automatically get sent information. What a great concept! However, are you getting the most signups possible? Any idea what your sign-up conversion rate […]

Using Videos to Grow Your Business

Taking your business to the next level is very doable especially if you consider adding video advertising to your marketing. Now when I say advertising I don’t necessarily mean blatant in-your-face advertising. I mean showing what it is your business has to offer, whether it be services or tools or just offering information to your […]

Rip-Off Revenge

There will be blood. I’ve been totally ripped off… I’m out for blood. I just found out that yet another of my former students has ripped off my materials and is now selling them with his own name on the cover. Pretending that he came up with the money-making system that I taught him. And […]

Watch for Your Email…..Today

Watch your email today because I’m going to make the BIG announcement… You might be wondering what in the world have I been up to lately, and what is this Big News? Think about this… I sold my Real estate company. I sold my Tax company. I’ve been discontinuing my products. I’ve been buying acres […]

Build Your Business Online and Offline

A lot of online business owners use various online strategies, tools and software to build their business online. They use the tips of good website design, along with autoresponder messages to capture their audiences contact information… They send emails and offer free newsletters and reports, but few online businesses ever consider building their business even […]

Form Companies around Your Niches

When you find the right niche for your new online business, you need to ensure you own those visitors who visit your site. Ownership can only happen if you make a squeeze page. It is imperative that all of your niche website businesses have their own squeeze page aka opt-in page in order to capture […]

Video Frenzy

Since I sent out the email a few days ago with the video from A.J. inside it. My email box has been getting flooded with so many more videos just like it. Check out the one I got a few seconds ago: FYI: Soon, the anticipation will be over about what exactly I’m doing. […]