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A Good Benchmark on Conversion Rate Percentages

No matter what online business you are involved in you want your visitors to take action by becoming paying customers, subscribing to your newsletter, registering their information for lead generation or simply getting them to your site to promote your brand. All of these endeavours need to be seen in your conversion rate. Conversion rate […]

The Importance of Text Links

When we view various websites we see often see various links throughout the pages like product links, home page links and keyword links. But the question is: does the type of link you have to your web pages place any relevance on your page rank? Well, the answer is unequivocally yes! Text links can drive […]

Outsourcing – How to Find the Top Experts and Increase Productivity

If you’re an online website owner, you know how chaotic it can be maintaining and building the various aspects of your online business. None of these tasks should be ignored as they are essential to growing your business. But what can help is prioritizing your tasks by placing the most profitable ones at the top […]

How Long Should a Good Sales Letter Be?

You’ve probably purchased things that did or didn’t work off of infomercials or sales letters and now you want to create a letter of your own that grabs people’s attention and keeps it . You know as well as anyone that it’s not necessarily the product that sells, but more importantly how you go about […]

How to Attach a New Sales Page Link into an Email to Send to your List

Every successful website business owner knows the strength of their business is in their list. This list is so important because they are potentially the people who will make or break your business. If you build a good relationship with your list you will reap the rewards in sales and continued sales because your customers […]

"Let’s Get Social…"

Since there is so much Socialnetworking hype. I figured youmight just want to get social. Here are my social networking sites: FaceBook – MySpace Amazon Twitter Digg See You online. Matt Bacak