“Unleash the power of online video”

The Internet is a broadcast media that is a hybrid between print media, direct response, and audio and video. Technology over the last 20 years has become affordable and powerful for common users. In the old days technology was out of reach for most people. The technology was difficult to use, expensive, and cumbersome. Internet […]

“Pack your Affiliate Programs with Promotional Tools”

You have to use a hook to grab people so they will sign up for your list. They have to know what is in it for them. You can convey your hook more effectively through audio and video. Set up an audio and/or video that demonstrates your marketing message and what people will receive when […]

Your FREE Trafffic Strategies…

Did you know… It doesn’t matter what you sell or how “pretty” your site is. If you can’t attract a steady flow of qualified visitors to your site then your business isn’t going to succeed. It’s that simple. (“If you build it, they will come” works only in the movies.) You can claim your free […]

“Butterfly Marketing: What is it?”

What is butterfly marketing? Butterfly marketing comes from the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect involves going back in time and changing one little thing. This would change everything in the current world. Butterfly marketing is similar. Butterfly marketing is based on the theory that one little marketing act can change your entire marketing results. There […]

“Are you losing 97% or more of your customers?”

How many times do you think an average visitor visits your website before they buy? Do they buy from your website right away? The average visitor comes to your website 4 to 7 times before they buy. If you don’t capture their personal information quickly then you could be missing out on sales. Let’s look […]

Internet Marketing Process Revealed….

http://www.TrafficExplosionCD.com Inside my Brand new FREE CD called: “Traffic Explosion System” I revealed a brand new process that I’ve been testing and tweaking for a while now, I call it… …the A9 Process It’s a unique process that I have never heard anyone else figure out till me. Heck, I didn’t even put it in […]

“3 Secret Strategies of Internet Millionaires”

Here’s the situation. You peruse the Internet reading sales letters, checking out products, and learning about the financial bank accounts of Internet millionaires. It has you thinking. What secret strategies do these Internet millionaires know and implement in their Internet business? How can I learn these secret strategies? There are many ways to tap into […]

"Have you Recovered…"

First, Happy New Year! I had a birthday/New Year’s Eve party at my house last night with some really close friends, and… …My house is still in one piece. Hope you had a good time last night. I waited to send this until now because I figured everyone should have recovered by now. Did you […]

“Why anyone can make money as a public speaker"

Public speaking can earn you loads more cash then you thought possible. You can be a seminar speaker and get paid the big money to speak to others in public. Most people watch public speakers in awe. They believe that they could never possibly be a public speaker. This is not true. Everyone has the […]