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Did you guys know that you can alsoget friend on Amazon? It’s somethingthat many people never talk about. If you want to be my friend on that just go to: Here are some other sites I use andhave friends on that you are welcometo invite me to become your friend. MySpace: Facebook: Digg:

“Video – A Million Dollar Idea”

Have you invested in the Audio Generator Super Snazzy Player yet? Have you set up a gold membership site that brings in residual income month after month? Do you utilize Ask campaigns? Do you have lucrative joint venture partners? If so then pat yourself on the back because you are on the right track. But […]

"30 Days to $10,000 Fast Track.."

This Thursday Night at 9pm EST, I’ve invited a very good friend, someone I personally respect more than anyone on the internet to teach you exactly what he taught me just a few months ago. These exact strategies now bring mean extra $150,000 every single month. I know for some people, an extra 150k might […]

“Snag Residual Income through this Million Dollar Idea”

Here’s the situation. You are the hunt for more small ideas that can earn you millions of dollars in return. You are actively engage in an Ask campaign. You have snagged joint partners by creating websites before your presentation. What other ideas can you use? Read on to find out. Million Dollar Idea 4: Use […]

“Seeking a Joint Venture Partner? Do it now, apologize later!”

You’ve started your Ask campaigns and bought Ask domains. What’s next? What other million dollar ideas can you monetize? Read on to find out. Million Dollar Idea #2: Redirect domain names from your registrar for easy audio referrals. These websites will contain links to audios of what you are talking about. For example, let’s say […]

“8 Potent Branding Techniques”

During the first four to five years on the Internet you should brand yourself. You can create audio and videos that brand you. Create ten minute audios and videos on your niche subjects. Spread these audios and videos all over the Internet. Every time you make an audio and video for distribution you should always […]

“The Power of Back Links”

Social networking is a technique that can build your business and your relationships. This technique is about targeting and collecting tens of thousands of prospects. This technique can be applied to any niche. Let’s look at the social networking website known as Start by going to and open a free account. The first […]