“Lucrative PR Strategies for Internet businesses”

What PR strategy can you use now that will consistently earn you money? You can participate in the Google AdSense program. Google AdSense places related advertisements on your website. You earn money every time somebody clicks on these advertisements. You can also max out the use of press releases. Sending press releases on a constant […]

TODAY’S MY Birthday……

I’m not looking for a Birthday wish or even a gift. I actually Have a present for you. But, I need your shipping address. You see, I just created a Brand new FREE CD called: “Traffic Explosion System.” and I would like to send one to you. Let me explain… I don’t need a gift […]

Powerful Promoter #24

With over 70% of businesses getting leads via search engine placements, it is high time you added online campaigns to your marketing plan. Here is quick snapshot on how the popular Google AdWords programme works. http://www.powerfulpromoter.com/cgi-bin/arp3/arp3-t.pl?l=41&c=112934 Warmest Regards, Matt Bacak http://mattbacaksupport.com

“Reach more customers with Blogs and Podcasts”

How important are joint ventures? There is a shift in the joint venture arena. Huge companies are acquiring smaller companies. Consolidation is the theme of the times. Huge companies acquire smaller companies so they could tap into their customer base. For example, they want all the Blog content and the people that read these Blogs. […]

“Avoid event marketing sales at all costs!”

When people come to your website they are looking for something. These people are seeking, searching, and looking for somebody to lead them. They didn’t come to your website by accident. They came to your website because they were drawn to you through your marketing story. You want to create a group of people that […]

“The two minute online website pitch”

All ideas are important, but if they are not implemented then they are meaningless. When you attend seminars and learn more about Internet businesses you have to participate. Your co-attendees are idea generators and teammates that you can utilize. Most people don’t take advantage of this face to face networking to the fullest extent. These […]

Powerful Promoting Tip #23

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on advertising to build an effective campaign. In fact, you can get great publicity that will drive customers to do your door absolutely fr^ee of charge! Learn how here… http://www.powerfulpromoter.com/cgi-bin/arp3/arp3-t.pl?l=40&c=112934 Warmest Regards, Matt Bacak http://mattbacaksupport.com

“Don’t take it personally!”

Email marketing includes knowing how to write great copy. Your email message should be filled with relevant content, but don’t forget about the sales pitch. You should also survey your customers to find out what solutions they need. You can then pitch them products that will solve these problems. Your copy should have compelling language […]